I would love that all Fediverse networks have a common endpoint with a common API URL like:

{"software":"Mastodon", "version":"2.71"}

That would easily allow applications to know what network is running behind the domain name.

I guess that's what NodeInfo is supposed to do, but some services are not supporting it (yet?)

@teromene @tom79 yea it's a common "standard", just ancient softwares like mastodon refuse to implement it
@tom79 we have one. it's called NodeInfo. maybe Gargron can explain to you why he doesn't support it (NIH syndrome tbh)

There is an issue on GitHub about it, but it's quite old and it was opened when very few services supported it

@teromene @tom79 at the time that issue was opened all of the mainstream software outside Mastodon and GNU Social already supported NodeInfo.
Sounds nice, but isn't this info in nodeinfo v2 already?
@tom79 it's called node info and until now @Gargron has refused to implement it

@foxhkron @kaniini @piggo @teromene @sascha
Thanks! So if I can't gather information that means it's a Mastodon instance :) @Gargron

@tom79 yes fall back to /api/v1/instance in those cases
@tom79 @foxhkron @kaniini @piggo @Gargron yeah, mastodon has - the main complaint afaik is that it's not "standardized" which is hilarious because mastodon essentially forced anyone to implement their API for apps to work (because they didn't implement the standard activitypub C2S API spec, which exists)

@tom79 Also: what ActivityPub extensions are supported by the server

@tom79 @cj the 'free market' will solve it soon enough in addition to nodeinfo that proposal was rejected by gargon (for different reason though)

They don't have this already? I kind of assumed that's how worked.

@tom79 But I want to run several networks under the same domain. It would be easier to ask for those urls and get them in the HTTP header or <link> in the HTML.

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