Just for fun, the next release of will have a console mode layout. It saves more space.

Accounts are still clickable through their names. And accounts for reblogs are between brackets and clickable too.

The color scheme will be improved.

@tom79 Suggestion: Just as we can hide video preview, it would be also a good idea to have an option to hide image preview. That would make it a "true" console mode ^.^

I was ready to reply you that you can already hide images by default. Then I realized that this feature is broken. So it's now fixed, and I am going to release all of that in beta :)

I wanted to add that :) I think I will... still for fun :)

@xaloc si jeje aquesta app ens va sorprenen cada dia :)

@tom79 When i enter the data and press login the app returns to the data area @kim
@tom79 The new release 1.74 works for me. Thanks a lot for your job. @kim @tpheine
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