The built-in browser of will run an advertising/tracking blocker!
I tested it and it seems to block a lot of calls :)
Thank you to @sebsauvage for the list of tracking domains 👍

I added an indicator for the number of blocked calls and the ability to display blocked URLs.

@tom79 @sebsauvage Cool! I wonder if this list comes in a hosts file form too? It might be good for systemwide adblockers like AdAway & DNS66.

@sebsauvage mentioned several lists that can be used, I guess it comes from a mixing one.
But I could easily add support to other downloads with a prior authorization of the site owner.

Now I am worried that I should go to the settings and click on that big updapte button every now and then. Shouldn't it be done in the background every X days/weeks?

I don't think this list should be updated so often. But this feature will be improved with feedback.

Honestly, given the evolution of these lists, once a month is a reasonable schedule.

@sebsauvage @Zykino @tom79
As much as Tom releases, every release would be reasonable for an update.

It's what I thought but… I will never remember to do it. Or it will be 3 times the first week and then once or twice a yyear, when I remember…

I was more pointing at the interface than anything. Maybe doing the update in the background and changing the button label to "Force an update of the block list" will not urge users to click on it and remember it.

I have blokada in the background, so I'm not too concerned.

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