I will have a new computer for developing :)
I would like to thank you all for your donations or your encouraging messages. You can't imagine how much I feel happy for your precious help!
I chose a Tuxedo computer and @tuxedocomputers offered me a discount on it :)
Here is the computer:

I will publish photos as soon as I get it :)
Big thanks again to all

What a beautiful device! I'm really happy for you, you deserve it! 😊👍

I just sent a sales question over, most likely I'm going to end up with one of their 14" ones soon


@tom79 Finalement pourquoi es-tu parti sur @tuxedocomputers plutôt que #librem ? Et tu vas partir sur quel OS ?

Car OS Linux, très bonne configuration et le prix est abordable. Aussi ils m'ont fait une réduction :)

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