Hey specialists :)

I can federate accounts via /main/ostatussub but how can I federate any statuses? It seems it is only available with profiles:

Also, why I can't federate accounts?

I would like to offer the follow remote instance feature for GNU.

@tom79 Do you want to "share" or download a status via a similar interface that you remote-subscribe via?
@tom79 Oh wait, you want to follow an entire instance? Well, you could always just subscribe to the feed. I think maybe that's only notices and not activities in general and it's not served via PuSH natively. But a generic, separate PuSH service that's not tied into the core of GNU social code would be nice.

In fact, the app has a feature that allows to follow instances (Mastodon, Pleroma, Misskey, Peertube and soon Pixelfed)
Displaying timelines from these instances is not the issue because it's a simple api endpoint call that does not require authentication. My problem happens when an action is done. For instance, clicking on a profile from a GNU or Friendica logged account, I need to federate this remote account on the owner instance - 1/2

@mmn I can do that, though the call returns html content (json would be easier). But I didn't find something that could federate statuses for further actions like fav, reblog or reply. - 2/2

@tom79 I'm not sure what you're asking really. Do you want to know the endpoints for subscribing to a !fediverse user on !GNUsocial? If you do a #WebFinger lookup you'll get this:
curl -s | json_pp
"href" : "",
"rel" : "",

The Atom feed, just like an PubSubHubbub enabled feed, has metadata for the subscription endpoint:

curl -s | grep rel=.hub
<link href="" rel="hub"/>

To this hub you do the subscription dance for the feed URI (i.e. the Atom link from before):

The activitystreams signalling - please note that this is optional, that is something else.
@tom79 The atom feed you subscribe to via PuSH there is everything the !GNUsocial user publishes.

If you want to send something "upstream" we use "salmon", to where you can send your own notifications (like "hey, I subscribed to you!" or "you are mentioned in this notice").
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