1.74.0 has been released.

What's new:
- ad/tracking blocker for the built-in browser.
- Simplified login process.
- Console mode.
- Fix the authentication issue for and on some devices.


@tom79 What's the new "console mode"? Does it do anything besides put the ":$~" next to everyone's handle?

Console mode is more something I introduced for fun. It allows to gain back lost spaces. Also clicking on username will open profiles like it's done with pictures.

@tom79 Nice :) Thank you ! Can you explain a bit what "Patch Security Provider" stands for ?

It's for enabling or disabling conscrypt (Security Provider). It uses BoringSSL to provide cryptographic primitives and Transport Layer Security (TLS)

Are notifications working properly? I don't get any... 😐

Well, I don't know it worked on my end, and beta testers. I will follow that bug :)

@tom79 btw, this version doesn't crash when setting translation to None. 👍

Why does it need "wifi connection information" now?

My guess, it comes from conscrypt upgrade!to
You can disable it in the app if you don't run Android 4+ or 7

@tom79 Hmm. Why would any of those changes in conscrypt require new permission?

Use it every day, thanks for the app!
However, I liked the old icon more. The new one looks so generic...

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