You can follow instance with your Mastodon or Pleroma accounts and interact with pixelfed accounts and posts. Thank you @dansup 👍

@tom79 @dansup cool! but does this mean that each individual pixelfed instance has to agree to something to be browsed from Fedilab? is not working for example...

@mauro_motion @tom79 Nope, it just requires pixelfed instances to update to the latest commits. I'm sure @Whaxion will update soon!

@Whaxion @dansup @mauro_motion @tom79 just for me to understand: it is, however, still not possible to follow a account from a account, right? 😊

@tom79 @dansup although i cannot add my account of to #fedilab yet

@Phoenix_alx @tom79 @dansup this is so damn convenient! It should bring alot more visibility to artists/creators as well. Great Job, and thanks!

@tom79 @dansup
i followed myself from pixelfed instance ...but not able to see any of my post here...

@prinzpiuz @dansup
If you want to see oldest posts you need to federate them. Just use the web app and copy the url of the post. Then paste it in the search feature of Fedilab to federate it.

@tom79 I was using Fedilab earlier and it was amazing! Great work 😉

@tom79 @dansup
Will you also be able to use your pixelfed account?
It is not possible to do this at the moment.

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