I am working on small other project to allow social accounts to be managed by one or several persons. The idea is to allow people to access an account indirectly with some rights (ie: different roles).

Currently, projects can be set. It works with invitations for having access to a project. Social accounts (Mastodon/Pleroma) can be added. Profiles can be edited and notifications can be filtered.

This code will be published once ready with indications on how to install it (server side).

I keep working on that project. I am on the compose messages, I am working on a way to schedule messages. It should work even if the instance doesn't support schedule features.
The idea is to keep on the server side media to post the status via a cron task.
I will add support asap.

Yes, that's not too much work. I use a framework ;)

@tom79 Still the amount of work you do is pretty amazing. Usually maintaining an Android app is the only thing most people who program do in their free time is all they have energy for.

@tom79 Great work there and good to see such commitment. I hope this really opens doors for your career.

Also for reference, I'm currently working on extending mycete to be a powerful Matrix bot that interfaces with mastodon and also posts to twitter.
Currently realraum uses it to accomplish something similar with an invite only Matrix control room.

Nice. How it works for Twitter or Mastodon? It reads statuses posted by the owner? If yes, it filters by visibility?

It posts stuff from a Matrix room with a bunch of people to Mastodon and Twitter. Including images.
The feature branch currently also supports reading back the Mastodom Stream to multiple Matrix rooms. Each with their own subfilters. In addition to the home stream, tagsstreams can be subscribed.

A room filter can currently filter by visibility, set of tags in post, weather we follow the person, weather it's a reblog or weather the post is sensitive or weather it's our post or not.

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