Did you know that with you can control what you published?
Just use "Your toots" feature and click on the sync button. That will download your toots locally and allow you to filter them:
- Date range
- Visibility
- Keywords
- Etc.
You can find what you wrote months ago, and do everything with them (delete, boost, etc.)


would be also interesting to be able to sort them after 'amount of boosts '

Easy to add for giving a tendency. But keep in mind that not all toots are refreshed when using this feature. So, the number of boosts or favorites will remain to the value when refreshing.

I did not know, but I am glad to learn about that tool!


Je l'ai installé sur téléphone mais comment ça s'utilise sur PC (vu que c'est plutôt là que j'envisagerais de stocker mes archives)?

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