Did you know that @gdroid an alternative client app to browse the repository, allows you to leave comments on apps thanks to your Mastodon/Pleroma account?

Very cool! I never saw the need to check out an fdroid skin, but the (federated!) ability to rate apps has convinced me to download it :)

Same for me @mikefordays

I'm satisfied with @fdroidorg and really like its look, so I felt no need to try something else.

However, this is a good reason why to give @gdroid a try.

Hi @JackieLibre and Hi @mikefordays

You are right. G-Droid is more than just a 'skin' . The comment feature is only one difference. Here is a long list of differences here in the G-Droid website:

(Which is btw in the F-Droid client not shown as website, since they claim it is not a website 😂 )


One of the differences you mention is that is no longer maintained. How do you come to the conclusion? Last stable release was in January and the last alpha of the next version was released just a few days ago. Doesn't look unmaintained to me.

Cc @JackieLibre @mikefordays @fdroidorg

@bjoern I would really love to know answer for this as well.

@gdroid why in your GitLab README you state that “G-Droid is actively maintained (the @fdroidorg client is not any more)”?

Hi @JackieLibre , @bjoern at the time of writing it was mostly based on this forum thread .

And yes the version number is getting increased because of updated translations from weblate. But see also

Contrary to the statement in the first link there ARE also security issues in F-Droid. They haven't been found by the "security audits" (lol). They have been found by a noobie and therefore been refused to fix.

@JackieLibre @bjoern
There have been a few discussions around the topic. Also on irc. But essentially: I'm the author of that statement and I'll be happy to remove it as soon as a new maintainer has been found.

.... aaaaaand : the F-Droid team removes all wrong statements that they intentionally spread about my apps as well. But that's another long story.

@fdroidorg :fdroid: Android app urgently needs a new maintainer

«Note: the app is still maintained for security issues and critical bugs, and specific goal-directed grant-funded work is done on it as well. But we need someone who can triage bug reports, MRs, and fix open bugs, as well as generally develop the app and improve it.»

Although @ar could say more to your claim
> there ARE also security issues in F-Droid

CC: @bjoern @gdroid

@tom79 Wow! @gdroid has improved a lot since I tried it in its first versions. Before I always went back to F-Droid, now I think I'm going to stay.

> leave comments on apps thanks to your Mastodon/Pleroma account?

This sounded confusing to me, so I had to look it up.…

> They are mastodon toots, mentioning the G-Droid account and using a special hashtag for each app. The hashtag is the package name of the app where dots are being replaced by underscores. In G-Droid you can simply use the button 'write comment' to create a comment-toot for an app.

Cool! That is an interesting solution.

Also mentioned in….

@gdroid Are the collected comments and reviews only made available to the G-Droid client, or can they be viewed on the web somewhere? Is there any plan for, or already existing, moderation?

All comments are publicly in the fediverse. In newer versions of G-Droid I added the tag #fdroid_app_comments, so you can find them all on .

Older comments are also public but a bit hard to find with the search.

No, there is no moderation (or censorship) being done or planned in G-Droid. BUT: the instances of the fediverse are moderated. So if the instance owner doesn't like your comment it might be removed by him/her. 😥


Ok, cool! The comments will all be on… because they're at-mentioning your user on that instance. They'll be on mastosoc only if someone there follows the posting user.

And older ones are findable per app tag. Does G-Droid itself find them via Mastodon directly as well?

If I'm a person writing horrible comments and I'm on my own instance, does moderation apply to the comments?

@clacke G-Droid uses only one tag right now, That is the app-specifiic tag to find comments.

Yes if undesirable comments are coming from another instance the admin of will ask the other owner to mute you. If that is not happening the instance will be muted as free speech zone.

having said: If that happens please let me know. Then I'll make G-Droid also fetch from the other instance. I'm fundamentally against censorship and pro free speech.

If someone wants to report a comment, you can still mute the account to remove the comment. But it means every comments from that user won't be available.

@tom79 @gdroid I don't mean on my fedi reader, I mean on G-Droid.

If the admin or you the gdroid masto user mutes an account, will their comments disappear from the G-Droid app?

I guess comments are fetched through an account (because search api needs credentials). So if the owner of the account mute another account, comments (toots) won't be available.

In other word, if @gdroid is used for fetching comments, and it mutes an account, the comments of this account won't be displayed on gdroid.

@tom79 @clacke

That is nor correct. "Public and tag timelines do not require authentication."

There is no account being used and nothing that I could mute. You can use the API even unauthenticated directly in your browser:

G-Droid CAN NOT mute any comments.

Such a muting would have to be in the source code. Which is undesirable, so if I would implement that, someone would fork it and remove it again.

@gdroid @tom79 If every package would have the comment "women are stupid, click here to find out more <blog link>", I would find that extremely annoying and want to read actual comments concerning the package instead.

But if I read you correctly, mods would silence that (remote) account and keep the instance tidy. And G-Droid reads comments live from the API, not from some source stored elsewhere.



The only thing I need it do to totally switch, is to be able to add repositories. Once that's added, I'll end up dropping F-Droid. I don't like the changes F-Droid implementing with the 1.6 update, too.

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