It seems that in the next release of , you will be able to fully order your timelines :)
Now, you can pin your lists and followed instances and of course tags. Also you can show or hide them with a simple click on the eye icon.

Short video showing how reordering timelines will work with

That's awesome!

If I create a timeline on the app, will it appear on my web browser as well?

It will only work for lists that are synced. The follow instance is an app feature. And tags are not synced.

Currently by using the globe icon at the bottom left. You can follow Peertube, Mastodon, Pleroma, Misskey and Pixelfed instances with your Mastodon or Pleroma accounts.

@tom79 I tried to add the pixelfed instance i'm on and the peertube but that didn't seem to work. Which version do I need for that?

I didn't add the feature for other social networks because it's not possible to interact yet. But I can display them without problems.

I can follow a Pixelfed instance but cannot add my Pixelfed Account to my Fedilab accounts. Is there anything planned?

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