I published a new version of the app (1.80.3)

What's new:

- Long press on the fetch more button will retrieve all missing statuses.
- Long press on media in timelines will automatically download them in full resolution (also works for videos)
- You can add a Peertube video in your favorites for Pleroma and Mastodon accounts.

I also fixed bugs that you reported.

I'm missing the button in the corner left bottom. It was more compact for me.
Now all instances are in line at top "mixed" with pinned tags. So I've a long top line.

For any time I reported the toppest preview of a url is open if I touch a preview in the window. Please can you fix it?

Thank you.

I should not have removed that, I knew it... I will try to improve the current layout :)

@tom79 Many thanks for "Long press on the fetch more button will retrieve all missing statuses."!!

Not total 1.80.3, but 1.80.2 from fdroid.
I can't reproduce the error. Had de-installed and installed again, now it seems normal.


I love the new long press to fetch all missing toots feature.


@tom79 fetching all the statuses at once is going to dramatically improve the user experience, for me at least. Thank you!

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