Fedilab on the Playstore?

For information. Current active users on Google is around 22k. Yes, they have stats. I can't say you how "active" is define (app currently installed, app used in last x days, etc.)

@tom79 Other: Stupidly biased if there's no simple 'Yes'. :P You're rubbing people the wrong way.

I say keep it. Some non privacy enthusiasts may want to try the fediverse and may not want to install f droid.

@tom79 I feel like we shouldn't place artificial boundaries like that or we'll end up acting similar to how Epic acts. Though I understand if you'd like to avoid contributing to the Google ecosystem as much as it's possible.

I know every apps have the same mention (cf attached). For using fdroid the device will ask for installing "untrusted" apk... That's IMO so unfair.

@tom79 Honestly, I would not have ever offered a Google Play version mysef, though before that I would not even develop for Android to begin with. It is incredibly unfair, and I do wonder if the EU will ever step in 'cause right now Google and Apple are getting away with murder in a way Microsoft could only dream of.

Yes. You've got the best client on your hands and if people can't actually access it (without using fdroid), that's defying the point. Don't pull it.

What does the poll mean by "small" paid version? What's being made "small" about it?

I'd gladly pay for the app! Believe me, if you yanked it from the play store but then put it back and it was $9 or whatever, as long as it still got instant updates and was fully supported, I would buy it instantly, no question.

I was thinking about 2$ for the paid app.

That would be fine by me, as long as I get the app the way I want it, I'd pay any reasonable price.


$2 on Google Play seems like the perfect price point. No in-app purchases, no ads, helps with revenue, and allows people to get into the fediverse easier.

@tom79 At the moment, F-Droid releases are always delayed because of the time it takes them to build and sign the apps. So I think it would make sense to publish new versions on google play only after they become available on f-droid. Of course, this will mean more effort for you, and I'm not sure if that's worth it (unless you can automate it).

Of course, this should not apply to releases that fix security issues.

I don't mind the usual 2-3 days delay.

But if users are looking to install as soon as developer releases, one solution to have Fedilab repository setup to host Fedilab signed by developer.

Though, users may lose trust as it's self signed.

@felix @tom79

@tom79 what doesn't cost anything seems worthless for many people,
plus i'm a fan of fucking over rich status-symbol people with premium versions...

@tom79 I'm surprised that more people aren't encouraging you to get paid. I know you'd end up supporting Google, but to me that's collateral damage. The play store is the best market. Could always point them to F-Droid if they wann learn what free software is all about in your description

Yes, I thought to a link for a step by step on how to use fdroid and download Fedilab. And links to three alternative applications (Tusky, AndStatus and subway tooter) that are on the Playstore.

@tom79 your app is great, if it helps people join fedi I don’t see why not. also I can’t vote but I’d choose pizza

@tom79 Are you referring to this one? "Installs on active devices: Number of devices that have been online at least once in the past 30 days have your app installed."

@tom79 this brings up something interesting for me. What if there was a free Play store version of Fedilab, or other apps, with some missing features and a paid version that worked just like the version on F-droid, or other privacy friendly repository. I wonder how many more people would figure out how to install non-Play monitored apps to save a few $$(pick your favorite currency).

That won't be easier to maintain. But I understand the idea. Also, I would be affraid to force paying for having more features. The idea, is clearly to pay a small 2$ life time or to follow a step by step (that I will write) on how to get it for free on fdroid.

@tom79 it's sort of a thought experiement. What I was thinking was the paid Play store version would have the same feature set as say the F-droid version, so it wouldn't be forcing anyone to pay for more features unless they just want the Play store version. Plus those people would be funding development. I'll leave the practical admin stuff out of my thought experiment for now. 😀

Alternate option: Include ads for open source Google Play alternatives in the Google Play releases of your app

Ads mean a lot of tracking :) and it destroys user experience.

They don't mean tracking if they're ads you control! :thinkhappy:

And you're literally holding a poll to ask in which way you should inconvenience your Google Play users. :p

Ads control is impossible. The price of an ad is fixed on some stats with information collected about the person :)
Depending of the choice, I am pretty sure that people that do want to keep Fedilab will have a look to fdroid, and there are different other great foss apps on Google. So I am pretty sure it's not a big deal.

@tom79 I don't mean real ads from an ad service, I mean text and image blurbs that ship with the app itself

@tom79 I think delayed feature releases (not security things, that would be evil) would be an option.

In order to speed up version updates for f-droid you could, additionally to the official f-droid build, have an own repository around that provides latest builds, maybe even "nightlies".

I'm not sure for this one, so just a few thoughs:

At some point you have to start to use alternatives, while you may haven't heard from F-droid and even if you had - it may scare you off to download a seperate app store for e.g. just moving away from twitter.

On the other hand you support Google in some way when giving their plattform good apps to deliver and of course your personal data.

Would be thankful for others to comment, as this is generally FOSS relevant.

I am certainly vote donated/paid version to be hosted on Google Play store.

1) it will boost/increase monetary contribution to development

2) (force) users to use #Fdroid to download free version.
2.1) will make more users to opt for Fdroid platform as powerful app like Fedilab is capable to do.

Disclaim: I strongly discourage Google platform but completely dropping it will strand user base


Provide it free and as fast as possible but make it easy to donate with links an in-app payment.

@tom79 Either free or maybe $1 for slightly outdated release, $2-10 for up-to-date release.

Oh boy. Now people want to pay Google for stealing their data? :(

@paulakreuzer @tom79 I'd guess a lot of people voting for that option already use fdroid already anyway?

I consider it a fair move. The app is still available for people not wanting to install F-Droid or deal with apks. And @tom79 gets some compensation for having to deal with google. And it incentives *not* getting it from gplay.

@Bubu @paulakreuzer @tom79 Well, for me it incentives to not use mobile apps anymore for the Fediverse if knee-jerk reactions are the norm.

@trinsec @paulakreuzer @tom79 I don't see any knee-jerk here, could you elaborate? 🤔

@Bubu @paulakreuzer @tom79 Few days ago it was revealed Google did Something Stupid<tm> (nothing new, really). Not much later Tom doesn't want to use Google Play anymore. 1+1=2, feel free to correct me if I totally misinterpreted the connection here. I consider this a knee-jerk reaction inconveniencing many users.

@trinsec @Bubu Everyday it is revealed that Google does stupid shit. I'm sure few times ago was the first time @tom79 heard about that.

@paulakreuzer @trinsec @Bubu

Paid apps bring more privacy issues?

The goal is twofold:

- Have some financial contributions
- "Discover" Fdroid for getting foss apps.

@paulakreuzer Well if the only options are "no Play Store at all", "delayed releases on Play Store" or "pay some money for current releases" lol... I'll happily throw tom79 some cash for their trouble. F-Droid isn't a viable option for some of us.

@tom79 I'd pay for the app, it's good! If you remove it from the Play store, you lose all but the hardcore users. If the fediverse is to succeed, it need more than hardcore. For myself, I'd probably bail if I had to install another store just for one app. I'd be happy to contribute to it on the Play store.

no please.

the fediverse is about smaller (more local) services- control closer to users.
google play is the antithesis of that.

i guess you could make money there (prolly needed).

thank you for this nice client regardless of whether you put it on google play.

@tom79 Let's not be fundamentalists. Even if we just put our feet into the door by converting someone to use a single libre app, we've done good to her/him. Let our conversations be the proof afterwards that our world is better and let them discover F-Droid and all the other good pieces of software (and more). By punishing or putting Play Store users at a disadvantage, we are basically making it less likely they'll even give it a try. Inclusion is better than exclusion.

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