Don't lose your time by switching from an account to another one, just to find a toot for a reply, a fav or a boost.
allows you to do it quickly with a long click on the reply/boost/fav buttons. It will work even if the toot is unknown by the other instance

@tom79 Last time I used Mastalab (like half a year ago), the battery usage was far too high in the background (no google services). Has there been improvements on this front?

You can disable live notifications in settings. You can also remove local and federated timelines, if you don't use them. I need to make dedicated profiles. It will be more simple, I guess.

@tom79 It's been long enough that could simply try it myself again.
Thanks for the hard work!

Thanks. Don't hesitate to share your suggestions :)

@tom79 thanks a bunch, I was looking for something like this. 🤗

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