To users Mastalab 1.41.2 is available. You can now transform your tag timelines into media timelines simply with a long press on the tab.

The 1.41.2 release allows a better customization of the time for notifications.
I also fixed recent issues reported for languages and the translation.
(If you are on and noticed this bug, just switch your language in settings).
The refresh for tag and art timelines is improved.
Some other bug fixes.

I followed the timeline and set as a media timeline. Really nice pictures to discover :)
I will keep checking tags boosted by @Curator :)

Now you can transform your tag timelines into media timelines.
Just long press the tab.

By default NSFW media are removed, but you can enable them independently for each timeline.

Also, NSFW media are removed from the mastoart timeline but you can enable them again with a long press.


If you want to pin a tag, just click on the "+" button at the top right of a search. You will have a new timeline on your home page.

reached the top 10 in Google PlayTrending (France) for social apps.
I guess some people left Twitter and Tumblr.
Welcome on , a network without tracking.

I published the release 1.37.0
What's new:
- Boost and fav buttons are now animated.
- Art timeline (can be hidden in settings).

This release also fixes crashes when writing tags on some devices.

For Art timeline:
- Clicking on the media will open the media activity.
- Clicking on the avatar will open the profile.
- Clicking on the author name will open the conversation (for interacting with the toot that contains the media).

The new Art timeline will be in the next release.
It could be hidden like other timelines.

I published the release 1.36.0

What's new:

- Case sensitive tags are now learnt by the app so they can be suggested.
- They can be added/edited/deleted.

Don't forget that case sensitive tags are better for screen readers :)

- Fix an issue with the language picker
- Fix an issue with live notifications.

Thank you to @framasky for suggesting the tags idea 👍

Did you know that you can automatically split toots over 500 characters in replies with the app?

Ok. So the number of lines could be changed in settings. Zero means disabled (default value).

To beta testers. I published another release (1.31.0-beta-2) that allows to pick up languages.
Not all languages from Crowdin are added yet.
Please, report any issues. Thanks!

PS: There is also a fix for thd home timeline.

I published the release 1.30.2

What's new:

- Small icon to highlight that a toot is a part of a thread
- Copy mastodon "acct" into clipboard with a long press (on profiles)
- Auto-switch to offline mode if no Internet connection (home timeline only).

## Fixed

- Fix counter issues
- Fix notification issues
- Fix description issue with cross-account actions
- Fix pull to refresh not working with conversation TL

To beta testers. I published a release that fixes counter issues due to cache.
The app will automatically switch into offline mode if there is no Internet connection.

Please, report any issues on gitlab.

If you don't know how gitlab works, just use the feature to drop an email. It will automatically create a confidential issue. Thanks!

Did you know that you can remember what you wrote months ago with
Just synchronize your toots and use the filters (date range, visibility, keywords, etc).
A short how to video to explain this feature.

If you want to see who boosted or added a toot into favorites, just click on "Information" from the drop-down menu.

You need to enable last features in settings.
I can't know how long the app will work with the direct timeline (deprecated for conversations timeline). But, by disabling it, the app will automatically work with conversations timeline.

I published the second release in the beta-channel.
What's new:

- Ability to use the direct timeline prior to Mastodon 2.6 (default: conversations timeline)
- New UI improvements


- Kill background processes not honored on some devices
- Filters not working on spoiler text

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