If you no longer want that the app keeps your previous position in the timeline, just uncheck that option in settings.

I published the release 2.1.0.

The app offers a new filtering feature for followed instances. You can easily switch from one search to another one.

I added an option to disable the bookmark feature.

It comes also with many fixes that you reported.

It has also been improved for Tor users.


In the next release, you will be able to filter statuses or videos of the followed instances with keywords (Peertube, Pleroma, Mastodon and GNU).

Did you know that when you compose a message, you can easily pickup accounts in your following list for mentioning them?

In the next release, you will be able to customize the split feature length between 500 and 3000 chars.

I have ever seen a thread with so much replies. I am too lazy for reading each one. But if it's available, I will implement it quickly. Though it's already working with since a while with the app.


Did you know that you can schedule a boost with ?
That will allow you to reach people in another timezone

It's fixed with Google Play 🎉, you can now download the release 2.0.3.

What's new:

- Display timelines in a list to browse faster (must be enabled in settings )
- Full media without bottom navigation bar
- Disable blurred media (will be replaced with a button)
- Disable long press for storing media.
- Fix the layout issue on timelines with some devices

PS: This release should be available soon on Fdroid

The search feature might not work with your Mastodon instance if it is outdated. The app uses the api/v2 search endpoint with the pagination.
You can check the version of your instance by clicking on three vertical dots of the left menu then click on "About the instance".
The last Mastodon release is v2. 8.2.
So contact your admins if it is outdated (you can drop them an email by clicking on the email button)

When I read the description of in the Playstore, it's said that Google Play Limited is offering it, so I should use this contact address 🤔

You might have noticed that I introduced a cache feature. Cached statuses have small refresh icons that allow to update the value in db.
If you have issues don't hesitate to submit them, I am still working on that feature. Also, you should be able to read your home timeline offline.

I forgot to mention that the app introduced a new feature that allows to automatically forward tags in replies, if you are interested by this feature, just enable it in settings. (Thanks to @naga for the suggestion)

I published the version 1.81.0 in prod.

What's new:

- Cache for statuses
- Bot indicator
- Follow instances
- Fix issues with the fetch more button.

More: gitlab.com/tom79/mastalab/rele

I published a beta release that fixes the issue with the fetch more button. It prevents holes in the home timeline after inactivity.

It also fixes an issue with sensitive media and boosts.

You can now follow instances.

My debug accounts and the current accounts that I use... Yes, I am everywhere :)

If you are bored to manually timed mute some accounts, here is a small tip for that with .
It's an app feature, so it will only work if you use the app.

I released 1.80.4

What's new :
- Sensitive media are blurred.
- Ability to filter pinned timelines when searching.
- Media can be automatically flag as sensitive when composing (synced with Mastodon).

Some fixes.

More : gitlab.com/tom79/mastalab/tags

By doing some tests, my Mastodon web UI (desktop) app is unusable. I have four blank timelines that I can't remove.
Pinning a list and using the right menu (list entry to remove them) will create these blank timelines.
It also happens, if you remove a list from the app that was pinned in your web UI.

Small spoiler for the next release. UI is not fully finished.

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