I found a bug that prevented long pooling. But the most important part: it seems that the streaming api point "user" that allows to receive both updates from home and notifications timelines can be reduce to notifications only.
That could be a huge improvement in battery drain because when the app is in background, I will make it listen only to this endpoint.
So the useless work (especially for those having an active timeline) will be fixed. That's of course a top priority.

Je ne sais pas, je ne la vois pas et personne ne me l'a signalée :). C'est une erreur côté serveur avec ton instance. Elle est générée à la suite de quelle action avec l'app ?

The doc only talks about user endpoint for the streaming API. This endpoint mixes home timeline updates and notifications.
I noticed in code, a js call to this endpoint for notifications only.

I am wrong or the doc never mentioned it?

That could helps the app saving a lot of battery by listening only to notifications when it is in background. Thanks for helping me.

Just click on the author name to display full details of the toot.

To users Mastalab 1.41.2 is available. You can now transform your tag timelines into media timelines simply with a long press on the tab.

Actually, it's impossible to satisfy every queries made on Mastodon... Simply because I forget them 😁
So gitlab issues help me to remember what I need to fix/improve :)

Should be fixed in 1.41.2. Otherwise, force English in settings.

I think that some timelines deserve to be displayed as media only. I have a good feedback on this feature.

@marcozehe Thank you for bringing my attention on these elements.
I added some features on Mastalab to raise awareness about content description (the border of media is red if there is no content description). But, from the other side, I failed to make the app accessible. So I will be happy to fix these last points 🙂

@marcozehe Thank you, I will take more time to better describe the action of the buttons.

An account that deserves to be followed @mobilizon

"Your federated organization and mobilization platform. Gather people with a convivial, ethical, and emancipating tool."

More: framagit.org/framasoft/mobiliz

And if you want to support the work of @Framasoft it's here
soutenir.framasoft.org/en/ :)

And also for the build from sources and upload to framadrive that you're taking. Everything is done automatically thanks to @framasky :)

All credits to @framasky for "Pouet it from CI" and also for implementing it on Gitlab for the app.

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The 1.41.2 release allows a better customization of the time for notifications.
I also fixed recent issues reported for languages and the translation.
(If you are on and noticed this bug, just switch your language in settings).
The refresh for tag and art timelines is improved.
Some other bug fixes.

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