Ok. So you can easily get the update here : gitlab.com/tom79/mastalab/tags

You can follow the bot that toot for new releases with a link to download them :) @mastalab

It's in prod now. It's already available with Google Play, and soon with Fdroid.

Yes, I thought about that. I think it will come soon. Also, it's planned to introduce profiles for settings.

Did you know that you can upload your videos with ? Did you use it?

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It opens them in your favorite browser inside the app (this is no longer the built-in browser). If you really want to open them externally (visually), just uncheck custom tabs :)

If you no longer want that the app keeps your previous position in the timeline, just uncheck that option in settings.

I published the release 2.1.0.

The app offers a new filtering feature for followed instances. You can easily switch from one search to another one.

I added an option to disable the bookmark feature.

It comes also with many fixes that you reported.

It has also been improved for Tor users.


@bloaty OK. So, I will have a look to disable the bookmark feature.

I still check this tag but for bug report it's not an easy matter if you are not used with that.

You can long press this button to fetch all missing toots. But you might say that you don't want the bookmark feature?

Hey @Chocobozzz, what's the lifetime of the refresh token? I got this message when refreshing the access token.

"Invalid grant: refresh token has expired"

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