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Hey. Would it be possible to have an invitation on the instance? I would like to fix a bug that someone reported. If it's ok I will send you details. Thanks.

Did you know that you can automatically split toots over 500 characters in replies with the app?

I published the release 1.35.0 that fixes the slow behavior on some devices.
Also, the settings issue is solved.
It should also solve the recent increase of battery drain with the normal profile.

If you got one of these bugs, I will wait your feedback. Thanks.

OK. I was able to reproduce that bug. It's now fixed.

It sounds that since I introduced languages picker in settings, some devices fail to open them. It's of course a top priority that I hope to solve in coming days.

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Did you know that you can quickly mention people involved in a thread for a common reply?

I published the release that allows to truncate toots that are too long (disabled by default).
There are some bug fixes.

Ok. So the number of lines could be changed in settings. Zero means disabled (default value).

I added a feature that allows to automatically hide content over "x" lines for toots (default disabled).
Does "x=10" sound like a reasonable value?

I am sorry, I didn't explain clearly battery drain profiles.
The normal profile is the default one, with all live notifications even if the app is killed.
The medium profile, will allow live notifications only if the app is running.
The low battery profile will disable every live updates, even if the app is working or not.

I published a new release that fixes an issue with live notifications on some devices (Android 4).
It also fixes an issue with holes in home timeline and slowness when scrolling it.

More details:

Thanks to @framasky, you can now test new releases directly built from the source code as soon as I tag them.

Links to download them are automatically added to the description :)

They are stored here:

The last job:

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Passion #GitlabCI : sur un tag, envoyer le résultat de compilation sur un #Nextcloud et mettre à jour la description du tag pour y mettre l'adresse de téléchargement du résultat de compilation.

Arg. I published too fast, I finally catch the bug I was running after since days. Well, I will publish the fix right now it will be available for users, and I will wait for Playstore ones.

1.31.0 has been released.

What's new:

- Manage profiles for battery (settings -> optimizations)
- Pick up another language inside the app.
- Toast messages more visible


- Some fixes with the home timeline
- Dashes are no longer included in tags

To beta testers. I published another release (1.31.0-beta-2) that allows to pick up languages.
Not all languages from Crowdin are added yet.
Please, report any issues. Thanks!

PS: There is also a fix for thd home timeline.

Does someone know how to set up GitLab CI?

I would need help for setting up the .gitlab-ci.yml file and also about changes on build.gradle

Thanks for helping/sharing.

Mastodon 2.7 plans some moderation features. I would need some subscriptions on as simple users and also by moderators (let me know in PM for moderators). The idea is to be ready for fulfilling moderator role through the app.

Just a feedback, I use @mastohost since months (for free for my tests with the app). And I am really impressed by its stability and how fast it follows updates with new releases.
I really hope that the API will soon offer some admin features ( I will be ready to offer them with the app.

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