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Did some admins use the app without login issues on beta releases? Thanks for your feedback.

@Gargron is there another parameter that has been introduced in media to avoid garbage collector? This solution will allow the app to keep both solutions for scheduling toots (server and device side)

I released a new version on the beta channel.

What's new:
- Borders for profile pictures in accounts picker (orange / blue )
- Fix some bugs with comments.
- Automatically put in full screen videos when the device is in landscape mode.
- Some cleaning with layouts.
- Token are automatically refreshed when expired (They are available for 24h)


I will have less time for developing in coming days, so I will release in prod the version.

I have identified some elements that I would like to fix before:

If I don't have too much work on Mastodon, I will try to add the upload feature asap.

Hey @Gargron! It seems there is a problem with the search feature on
I got error 500 each time I copy / paste a URL from another instance.

For people that want to use the Mastalab version working with
Here are three solutions (because it's a beta release)
- Become a beta tester on Google Play (from the app description)
- Download the release built from sources
- Use Yalp store app from Fdroid.

I will start to change the schedule feature as it will be available in the next Mastodon release :)
The good news is more about media that were deleted due to the garbage collector.
I will let the two ways (from server or device)

I published the release 1.63.0-beta-1

What's new:
- Login with Peertube accounts
- Display five timelines (Subscriptions, Overview, Trending, Recently added, Local) with pagination
- Display accounts and their channels
- Follow / Unfollow accounts and channels
- Watch comments + write/remove comments
- Vote on videos (thumbs-up, thumbs-down, remove rating).

Keep it mind it's a beta release, and it will be seriously improved.

I should release a first version of the app for in few hours.
New translations should be available soon in Crowdin.

with : first tests.

- Follow/unfollow boutons should work tomorrow (like thumbs-up and down) and maybe comments.

I should publish a first release for tests quickly.

Last step will be the upload feature.

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As #mastalab is becoming like the swiss army knife of ActivityPub android app (support for mastodon, pleroma, peertube). And multi account. How about a name change to something more broad and fediverse generic? And not a mastodon focused name.

I am currently connected with my account on .
I can easily switch between Mastodon and Peertube accounts.

I think authentication should be ok tomorrow.
Client id and token work great, db is ready. I just need to adapt the code to insert the peertube account. That will allow me to improve the existing.

First release of the year 🎉

What's new:

- Display follow request in profiles for locked accounts (undo the follow + flag)
- Improve links in bio (emails, links, etc).
- Fix an issue with mentions for replies
- Fix crashes

You will be able to follow this work here. I added these elements in the milestone

My new resolution for 2019:

Make work with

- When a Peertube account will be connected the interface will be different but cross-account actions and quick account switcher will allow to manage both Mastodon and Peertube accounts.

- Pixelfed will require less work because it already use the same API.

Before this new year, I would like to thanks all people who contribute to the app.

You can use it in your language thanks to all translators that are very active 🙏

Also, thank you to all people that report issues or suggest improvements. And thank you to people contributing to the code, the support, CI and UX.

Happy new year! 🎉

Last release of for 2018. 1.62.0

- Follow Misskey instances
- XMPP links and emails open with external applications (in custom fields)
- Custom icons for videos & GIF media
- Empty spaces for hidden NSFW in art timelines are fixed

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