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I am wrong or api is quite limited?
I can't find a way to offer follow/unfollow features.
Also, it's the same for tags search but both mentioned points work with
Let me know if I am missing something. Thanks.

I published for beta testers (and to all users) a new release 1.72.1

- Support for Chromebooks
- Friendica support (restricted due to API)

- Improve GNU Social support

- Error 400 when filtering timelines with accentuated words
- Layout issues
- Crashes when logging in

To users. I am sorry, but 1.72.0 was not intended to be published.

*It's a beta release*

You should downgrade the app for more stability.

Also, you noticed that the name was changed into

Ok last endpoint (relationship) for works. And follow / unfollow features too.
I am getting error 501 with remote accounts. Is there something to force federation? Search feature gives me errors 403 or timeout on two instances (even with the websites).

Glad to see @metalbiker moving his main account on Mastalab/Fedilab instance :)

Just for information, if you switched to , you might notice that your toots are still flagged as written with Mastalab.
That's not a bug, you're simply using the client id from the previous app name. If you want to change, just reconnect your account (no need to logout).

Beta testers now use

I hope that you will get used to it quickly :)

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@kasun the fediverse logo was made originally by @nestort based on a previous design from @colegota when the node was looking for a custom emoji to represent the fediverse :fed:

@tom79 @deutrino

Thank you to people that drew logo for . I do appreciate your contributions 🙏

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Thank you! I'm glad people like it

I took the idea of using the Fediverse logo from a toot by @deutrino and took the colors from current Mastalab icon. So I can't take all credits 😄

The new logo is from @kasun

Thanks for your contribution 👍 and congrats!

I released a beta version of the app working with

There are less features, but I try to keep what was done from the client side:
- Pin searches
- Schedule messages/Reblogs
- Bookmarks
- Record custom tags
- Translator
- Switch languages
- Drafts
- Mentions with screenshots.

Keep in mind that's a beta release (not yet finished) and I do need your feedback before the prod release.

You can download the apk built from sources:

239 polled users. I will close the poll in few moments and display results.

213 votes. And there is clearly a winner.

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Last run for the logo (only four choices):

PS: I added a new logo, because I really do like it, and votes >= 40.

Ok. So automatically creates statuses for actions. Example in attachment for a deleted and a favorited status. So it will need some filtering.

Actions are now working (delete, fav, reblogs, block). Though it's possible to block or unblock accounts, it does not seem possible to get them in a list?

I will now have to hide some features in drop-down menu as they are not available.

Last run for the logo (only four choices):

PS: I added a new logo, because I really do like it, and votes >= 40.

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