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Vil du jobbe med IT/økonomi/organisasjon i fagbevegelsen? EL og IT Forbundet søker ny fagansvarlig for medlemssystemet. finn.no/job/fulltime/ad.html?f

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I feel a deep satisfaction that the product I'm currently working on will have a real environmental impact

i kinda like the transparent-plastic-look of electronics from the 90s.

use: make something work for you in the way it was intended to

utilize: make something work for you, but not necessarily in the way it was intended to work

daozi - pretty good! no idea if we made it "correct", but it sure was tasty

one of the coolest things about our new tv is how seamless and easy it is show media from our phones on it.

so, now there's k-pop on the big screen

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Gleder meg til 1. januar. Da skal:

* North Sea Link-kabelen til England åpne slusene og begynne å eksportere strøm på full guffe.

* Nettleien øke.

* Regjeringen innføre en «rushtidsavgift» som straffer folk for å bruke strøm når det er mest praktisk.


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someone called cuomo has apparently lost their job. why is this a top issue in norwegian newspapers? no idea who this is.

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I should really do something with engineering [dot] lgbt... any suggestions?🤔

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it cool to see the beatles iterating, exploring and trusting each other while working out relationships.

also - they keep saying they're taking too long, but they're churning out stuff.

reminds me of cooperative development

olives, beer and the beatles series "get back"

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