those imperial units are so weird to me. five-eights-of-an-inch. what?

a fifth of whiskey? how much is that?

a bottle of whiskey.

then .. say that? 'cause it's apparently a standardised bottle of wine/spirits (750cl).


Da har Ansatteid AS, morselskapet til stedet jeg jobber, fått nettside: Målet er å bygge opp flere ansatteide, samvirkeaktige IT-selskaper basert på erfaringene fra de to vi allerede har fått på beina.


currently enjoying a quite nice cup of costa rican tres rios


I think some people underestimate how bad imposter syndrome can be, especially when accompanied by negative self-talk. I am so blessed to have as a truly amazing and supportive partner who keeps me accountable and doesn’t let me be unkind to myself.



I'll summarize our study on the privacy implications of eye tracking, which was widely shared & discussed online over the last weeks 🥳 Time for a thread. 1/19


redda ei forkommen, enorm humle fra vindusdøden i dag. skikkelig svær, må ha vært ei dronning

thunderbolts and lightning - very, very frightening

this is kind of what i went through when i started brewing beer. suddenly you know what you're tasting and why. and not everything is great. and that's ok.

cleaning out the gutters in my balcony today we didn't see the nest and eggs until it was too late.

so sorry, little sparrow

"Fiat currencies don't work for the majority of people. The problem is ubiquitous."

-cryptodude on harckernews

git config --global alias.graph "log --pretty=format:'%s %Cgreen%an %C(bold blue)(%ar) %Cred%h%Creset' --graph"

that is just ... wow. there's an azure command-line-interface program called "az", which is not the same as the powershell-module called "Az".

separating things by casing only is a horrible idea, people.


Keep in mind that Gaza is the most densely populated place on earth. There is no way to leave, no place to hide. When Israel says that it must "reestablish deterrence," understand that as plans to end lots and lots of Palestinian lives.


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