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"I've learnt to forgive myself for days that aren't good," @stephenfry@twitter.com told @dazburn@twitter.com about how to cope with the pandemic. They also talked all things travel and plenty more. Watch the full interview at travelgay.com/editorial/stephe ✈️

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anyone know if the msi creative 17 supports device encryption?

oooh the surface 3 has 32gb of ram? that puts it back into the interesting category!

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i need a new work-laptop for development. what should i get?
kinda like the specs on the asus zephyr g14, but it lacks a webcam (strange). anyone have any good tips?

macs are a no-go for me

i did make sure a normal docker build takes less than a minute, though, which is superbly important. never underestimate the cost of a slow build.

turns out dotnet core 5 wasn't quite useable for my case yet. grpc library didn't work in docker.

so that's a rollback to 3.1 and sad face

you can share screens and the spatial audio in helps when people talk simultaneously.

kinda new and different, some teething problems, but for more "talky" meeting i think this can work

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This goes for SteamVR headsets too. They prompt you to overwrite this setting if they're not the default. Good for 99% of users, an easy footgun for developers juggling multiple headsets. twitter.com/bai0/status/136431

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how do you pronounce k8s?


how about kubectl?


i feel my suggestions of : sai-ver-nights and sai-vee-tschtl were too eagerly abandoned

i think we should stop asking people for their gender in forms.

and let them use their own names as they want to write them, with no forced first/last split.

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This is awesome. Above all, i think im most excited to see how PSVR innovates on the controller twitter.com/PlayStation/status

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i've a feeling vr and ar on the web is about to become something cool with

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Here is a basic exercise that helped me grasp VR when I started. Many thanks to @sharingbauhaus@twitter.com for the invitation to share it with others: youtu.be/7kFqID5fchA

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This is huge: WebKit developer (@Apple@twitter.com), publicly released intent for support. This means Safari soon™ will support and making it production ready!

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we tried out at work today. great fun, and might actually be a good way of doing remote co-working. in particular meetings, but also just general coding in a shared area. we will try this more.

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