we're growing at dolittle, and we want to improve our diversity. too many people like me (male).

do you know any awesome devs? event-driven, microservices with things like typescript, c#, react, kubernetes, etc.

we need experienced and new, back, front, ops, etc.

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i work remote 100% of the time, but we are in norway (oslo area) if an office is what you like.

same-ish time-zone would be nice.

i've made it a personal goal to make sure we get more women. need more awesome female devs.

lgbtq+ would also be very good for us.

@tomasekeli and what are you and dolittle doing to make sure it's as good for us?

@alexis trying to create an inclusive culture, but i really don't know. what should i and we do?

@tomasekeli The first thing you need to do is to change the terms on which you're soliciting potential employees, because thus far all anyone has heard from you here is about what *you* want. That's only half of the deal you need to be trying to make, and from the perspective of an engineer and consultant in a group from which you are trying to hire, that's not the half of the deal that is of primary concern to me.

I assume you know better than in any other context to approach a prospective colleague or partner with nothing to explain why *they* might want to work with *you*. That you have failed so far to do the same here suggests strongly that what you want is not colleagues, but tokens. If that results from a failure on your part to accurately represent your intent, then you need to talk to someone knowledgeable about how to fix that. If the representation is accurate, then you should know we see you and there's nothing further worth discussing.

I'm happy to provide further advice and consultation as needed! My DE&I consulting rate is USD$300/hour, 100% of which will go to Baltimore Safe Haven - feel free to DM me if you'd like to talk further toward a statement of work. Enjoy your day!

@tomasekeli everyone is looking for experienced devs all the time ! How about nurturing and growing junior ones ? a whole pool of talent of moticated people, and much more diverse than the pool of seniors you want to recruit from :)

@travis_kalanick i agree. we need both, and everyone has different levels of experience in different things.

myself i'm very inexperienced in many kinds of development, and experienced in a few.

@tomasekeli Just to be clear, i am not trying to judge in anyway. you do have your constraints, and thus formulating your demands regarding that. But sometime i allow myself to tell people that : could you instead hire someone who will be good 9 to 12 months from now and at least alleviate the load a little bit ? Because eveyone i know who is quite decent is a freelance or prefers working in big tech.
Have a nice weekend, and i hope you will fill out the position soon !

@travis_kalanick i did say that we need "experienced and new" - i don't quite get what demand i've made you are reacting to.

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