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WARNING fam!!!

Poly is shutting uploads in 3 days 😢 big sad. Get those tilt brush artworks uploaded to Poly so you can send to @IcosaGallery@twitter.com, an open source Poly replacement, when it’s live ! ✨

Also keep 👀👀 on the Icosa Twitter for exciting announcements this week 👀 twitter.com/icosagallery/statu

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I'm SO excited to finally share this with you all!!💫✨

The virtual world I painted and performed in for the @britishlibrary@twitter.com, encompassing the inspirational author and Primatologist Alison Jolly, is now live!

Watch here➡️: youtube.com/watch?v=nQGZiIwvSx

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This is huge: WebKit developer (@Apple@twitter.com), publicly released intent for support. This means Safari soon™ will support and making it production ready!

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This Saturday!
Join hosts @juliesmithso@twitter.com and @SophiaMosh@twitter.com as we celebrate , including honors or @mrdoob@twitter.com and @kentbye@twitter.com. Don't miss this live event broadcast into the of watch parties worlds.

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quite impressively bad customer support by - essentially telling a customer that their expensive vr headset can no longer be used because they don't have the right cable. (sorry for imgur, not my images)

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@WindmillFactory@twitter.com seeking @aframevr@twitter.com pro for a paid 2 week sprint which could lead to fulltime work/equity. Experience in @threejs_org@twitter.com shaders / MMO / A/V conferencing @webrtc@twitter.com / @JavaScript@twitter.com deployment wonderful plus. DM website/resume.

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Hey devs, is anyone looking for a part-time VR beta tester? My brother, who lives with me, is looking for work. He games a ton, is a VR native, and has access to all of my gear. He just finished his sophomore year @UWMadison@twitter.com studying cognitive behavioral psychology.

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Boneworks really makes me want the Index controllers. But Valve isn't selling them in Norway :(


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