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Looks like @Microsoft@twitter.com found the last batch of nails for @AzureDevOps@twitter.com' coffin. The new issues in @github@twitter.com look great!

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created characters with 2 of 3 kids. now to make an adventure

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Friendly reminder, Google Poly is shutting down at the end of June. Here is how to upload Google Poly assets directly to Hubs so your scene stays 🔥 twitter.com/MozillaHubs/status

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i don't understand the hated that pineapple on pizza seems to elicit.

doesn't detract that it's legitimately delicious

i .. i want this

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of all the things to come out of the pandemic

"it is now slightly more socially acceptable to cosplay as cobra commander in public"

was.. not one i had anticipated

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Congrats, Navy. You've now killed every living thing in that immediate radius and damaged the surrounding ecosystem for miles. twitter.com/Warship_78/status/

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It is hard for less experienced developers to appreciate how rarely architecting for future requirements / applications turns out net-positive. twitter.com/promit_roy/status/

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har gravd litt i gamle artikler og spurt en gamling - jo, det er sant. disketter ble kalt datalefser.

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@vega rart - hvordan kom de fram til det? "lefse"?

mykdisk hadde vært en mer direkte oversettelse

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Yikes, Microsoft have signed multiple rootkits (which allow kernel drivers) and reach out to a remote IP.

I’ll put hashes in thread. twitter.com/struppigel/status/

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binging on invincible comics while waiting for the buns to rise

sunday is good

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So many issues affecting trans & gender non-conforming people can be solved by removing sex/gender as a criteria. Stop putting it on ID cards, stop asking about it in every questionnaire, stop using it in sports (use whatever biological factor actually gives an unfair advantage)

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"Høyres sjel ligger i velferdspolitikken"
- Erna Solberg

🇧🇻Kjære landsmenn, her er velferdskuttene de siste åtte årene:

1: @erna_solberg@twitter.com-regjeringen har gjort det vanskeligere å få innvilget arbeidsavklaringspenger (AAP). Penger du får når du mister helsa di.

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when you actively and explicitly exclude a party from getting any say in your cabinet - it shouldn't be *that* surprising that they don't support your cabinet.

cold brew is good. very rounded and no bitterness. can tasta a lot of complexity in the coffee. kinda oily.

i think i like it. won't be my main way of making coffee, but it's nice.

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