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the funny part: life didn't create lemons

humans did

humans cultivated them by crossbreeding, they never existed in nature (honestly, the path to seeding for something so tart would be highly contorted anyway)

if humans give you lemons

you make those lemons combustible and you send 'em back

ask for people's manager

MAKE PEOPLE RUE -- oh never mind

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Italy proven to be more charitable than hardline buddhist monks

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specifying negative css animation delay to start them half-way (i.e. started in the past) is blowing my mind. that's some clever spec design

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Génial ! La création des pistes cyclables, dès les années 20, a été poussée par les lobby des voitures pour désencombrer la route des cyclistes, alors majoritaires.

Idem pour les ondes vertes, qui datent des années 30 et favorisent les voitures au détriment des piétons, tram, vélos.

L'apparition des codes de la route, dans les mêmes décennies, vient soutenir le développement de la voiture en imposant aux autres usagers de lui faire de la place.
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Apropos technological third world country: Germany is having elections soon and their vote counting system doesn't have any security features what so ever and can be hacked by anyone. The password is "test". Their backup plan: use the phone for transmitting the results. 🤦‍♂️

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A medieval historian believes the Voynich Manuscript is a medical manual but with the index cut off.

have nothing to hide so they don't need end to end encryption and let people watch them poop

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Cloud of the Day: Mammatocumulus

Mammatocumulus are impressive clouds. They are described as eerie, even foreboding ...

Photo: Euclid van der Kroew CC-BY-NC-SA

Waking up so early that people wonder if you just woke up and began working off the bat or pulled an all nighter

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I fucking hate political discussions / ""discourse"" on the internet. Nobody seems to be actually willing to discuss their position, it always devolves to either a rhetorical wankery debate or "lmao its just a meme bro". The left and right both practice their own version of groupthink, the left making a pariah out of anyone not following the One True Dogma, and the right dogpiling on 'idiots' and bullying people with 'stupid' opinions out.

"But that person was a racist/misogynist/whatever!"
It's sad how rarely this is true. Too often I see people that are just considering a position labeled an awful human being with nothing to back it up other than a hunch from one of the clerics and a poor word choice.

"They just couldn't handle the bantz."
Oh, I've also seen when others try to play by your rules, it's mostly a shitslinging competition at that point.

Most people may not even have an ideological purity police inside themselves, but the way drama tends to escalate just usually trickles down; you can't research and consider every issue properly, so you just agree with whatever in-group you're part of.

This is why I don't really want to be openly committed to a label. You might call me a coward for that, and you may have a point, but I don't really care. What I care about when it comes to politics is facts, ethics, and good solutions. Labels can be useful, but they way they're used is more of a dogwhistle these days. (I don't know about other times so can't comment on that).

Just to be clear, I don't think advocating genocide should be legal, or that your race/sexuality/gender should indicate how you're treated socially, legally or professionally. It feels really fucking bizarre to me that I don't feel safe posting this without stating that. (Especially as I lean more to the progressive left side.) Take a look at , the effect works in many ways.

There's much more I want to say, especially regarding the Mastodon block stuff, but can't be bothered to write more on a smartphone and I actually have to do things now.

Bad people exist, but not everyone is bad. Try to see each other a bit more as human beings, and try to make friends instead of enemies. Discuss the subject, not the possibility that the other person is One Of Them.

Brit Queen gone full distopian monster with her speech

Remember that they control you and decide what you read for your safety.

Don't turn into a closed space that accepts certain orientations eexclusively, creating walls is better left to zionists and trump supporters. Keep birdsite drama there, fuck walls.

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Let's not try to import "Twitter culture" here, even from "left Twitter."

You'll find that Mastodon is its own beast, with a very different landscape, and very weird customs. It's quite refreshing.

Tomorrow, when you go back to because has no notifications, make sure you close the door

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* read timeline *
* see a bunch of people making political statements *
* close mastodon *

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the most important ways in which instances differ from each other are:

- moderators and moderation policy
- the public timeline, i.e. connections to other instances. some instances connect with new ones automatically, while others do it manually and are more selective
- the local timeline - basically, your instance neighbors!

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v1.4.2 released with many important bug fixes as well as features, such as customizing web UI columns and deleting your own account

Upgrade notes:


go back to birdsite if you want birdsite features and can't be bothered to learn about instances or how to use