grape: a syntax-aware grep-like for that allows you to search for code using Clojure data structures.

What’s the best personal -oriented, self-hosted “” storage solution?

What’s the newest Lenovo X/T series laptop with the best support? 13-14”.

What do you use your for? Would it be a capable machine?

Can we, as humanity, finally have a mass extinction?

is so fun! Simple (made easy). First OS that made me read man pages and actually enjoy it ;) Setting up the dev environment () was quick and painless.

Yay! Nails everywhere!

Where do folks hang out on Mastodon? Is there a dedicated server maybe? /cc @yogthos

Yay capitalism!

“Hidden cameras and secret trackers reveal where Amazon returns end up. Marketplace tracked items such as a backpack, which was tossed in the garbage.”

Global Thinking Force, Obviously. A.k.a. GTFO

I hate people with strong opinions, strongly held. Change my mind.

Wow, that’s wonderful!

Improve your typing for free online by practicing on classic literature.

Thanks to new and plugins I absorbed more keybindings in the last two weeks than in my entire lifetime.. :)

Software engineering is what happens to programming
when you add time and other programmers.

— Rob Pike

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