Anyone hosting on as a 1-Click App? What's the minimal droplet size that will do?

Me: I need some mind-bending experience.

Also me: One more turn in will do.

IMHO on — doesn’t matter where really, just everywhere — Bluetooth should fall into Privacy screen, next to Location Services these days…

Why is it called ? It is so good we should talk about it as .

Uważam, że niektórzy to zwykłe odrażające zwierzęta...

Zasłyszane na ulicy: "To jest gdzieś na Bohaterów Warszawy 1920r."


What is the equivalent of “I’ve learned everything about industry by watching Mad Men on ” in the world? 🤔

Looks like are not for me. I’m constantly stressed to get everything instead of just enjoying the .

TFW people claim 6 months is a long-term cooperation in

Objectively, we should just have purely fun languages.


Today's revelation: one of our clients (non-technical!) measures ’s efficiency by the number of commits they produce…

Fortunately I don’t breathe . I would be dead by now 😉

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