Wat doet de Home feed er lang over om te laden...

By the by, recommended clients:
- macOS: Whalebird (free in the App Store)
- iOS: Amaroq (free in the App Store)

TOOT morning! We're looking for a Ruby developer at Eet.nu. Interested? Send me an e-mail at: tomeric@eet.nu

"Manchester city council says it will investigate every beep - and says the police could be called in the last resort because it's illegal to toot unless it's an emergency."

"As the lion and I depart the chamber I hear a tuneless toot of the whistle and the magical whoosh of the cloud of numbers."

Als Mastodon ooit groot wordt heb ik net zo'n beroerde start als ik op Twitter had.


Darth Vader is Luke's and Leia's real dad!

Doesn't take too long to have your account verified. I am the REAL gerard!

When the levee breaks, it's time to abandon ship. Until then, stick to Twitter

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