@tomharris So… Not too big to fail 🎉

Even if I know those big giants are not here for eternity, a part of me do not believe they will get out until it actually starts.

Side-note: the graph is mis-leading (amplificating crash feeling) with its non-zero Y axis.

@octalish I'm not sure it's that misleading - the axis is clearly labelled. Axis truncation is something I sit about halfway on: yes truncating the y axis can lead to poor (misleading) data representation; but never truncating y can also lead to poor (unenlightening) data representation.
In this case I think it's justified.

@tomharris the overall picture tho.

Still, I’d be glad to see Facebook crash and burn.

@Sonikku it’s still the longest sustained decline in their history

@tomharris i should be quick to delete my account before they close shop

@tomharris Apple, Alphabet and Amazon all show a similar trend. Any clues on what's going on? For the past few months they've all been dropping according to finance.yahoo.com/quote/GOOG?p which is what it looks like you got your image from. I know nothing about stock markets but it's a bit weird they all go down like that...

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