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a goose @tomharris@mastodon.social


Arriving, immediately trying to position yourself as a community leader, making an asinine, fuck-all point, and trying to Eugen how to do things better on the platform he's been running, all for your own ego.

Fuck off fuck off fuck off

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@tomharris is this the person who i would assume would do this

@roadrunner that guy who goes to activist meetings to pick up girls

@tomharris ah fuck does this happen, ive never been to many activist meetings

@roadrunner @tomharris went to a DSA meeting about a month ago, 2nd ever meeting since the inauguration, and they had to publicly announce that this wasn't just a place to pick up chicks

@aeonofdiscord @roadrunner @tomharris i should preface to say that the /vast majority/ are there for the right reasons, but its a real bummer when it was such a problem in the first meeting (which had tons of new ppl) that they had to bring it up in the 2nd

@roadrunner To be fair, I haven't been to many meetings either. I met one guy doing it at a local environmentalism group. He was dressed like an utter parody of the 'activism-as-an-aesthetic' trope though.

@tomharris (a) Been using/supporting Mastodon since the earliest days (mastodon.social/@aral/54601) Not here to position myself or anything; just to support the first example of a beautiful/usable federated/decentralised network. (b) The point about users/people is one I’ve been making for years. It doesn’t pertain just to Mastodon (see ind.ie/ethical-design) (c) Regarding the “fuck off”s, thank you for giving me someone to test the block feature on.

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