Are "virus deniers" as common outside the U.S. as inside?

Given that there is 7.5 gigapeople on earth I'm sure every country has *some*. But "many"? "Few"?

Are they all right-wing or extremists?

where is Rudy Giuliani?

vacationing in the Ukraine?

Waffle House index is red. no joke, that's serious.

I always thought waffle houses were just shitty restaurants, but that was just my west coast snobbiness.

waffle House is an amazing institution, seriously. read about them!

Quite amazing data view of COVID19. Updated in realtime, from a dataset maintained on Github by Johns Hopkins,d:2415600,ls:!t,s:1582651589,w:'4w'),l:(country_dashboard-4-1-2:(d:691200,s:1584375857)))

Keybase has a very nice and seamless video chat/vid conference feature.

@jitsibot meet

opens on yr device, creates a shareable link. the chat and link are unique and secure and only known to those you share with.

fuck FB messenger, this is substantially better easier and doesn't spy on you.

one of the chickens is driving, that's why you can't see them.

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@BronyDrumming is a spammer, don't click his website URL, it's a porn site that tries to open a shitload of video browser pages. @Mastodon

@brettdoar hey! took a while to figure out how to follow you back! I'm using tusky on Android.

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