Some say if you peer through a stone with a hole in it, you can see magic. Some say doing so dispels magic, unravels glamours, and lets you see what is true.
The truth is, when you see a stone with a hole in it, if you pick it up and peer through it, your world still has magic.

@crwbot Just at me next time. πŸ˜›

There's a serious answer though. When we used Muon on desktop, we didn't have OpenSearch support. So we basically added every search engine anyone ever asked for. That included Infogalactic, which I recently has the misfortune of learning is an alt-right mess (that was not a fun day). So we removed all but the minimal set of search engines. OpenSearch will arrive on iOS any day now and then you'll be able to add whatever search engines you want.

@crwbot Actually, maybe the afterlife is just long enough to let you realize that you don't really need to get through all those lists?

@crwbot Heck yes, this would be a more potent spiritual salve than anything else I know.

I want a widget which removes `?utm_source=` and everything following it whenever I copy a URL.

@xor Wouldn't the Unix Wayℒ️ be `xwords-dl newyorker | cursewords`

Look, space is cool and vast and impressive but also rockets look kinda like dongs so I'm never not gonna giggle a little when I see one.

This morning, everything was blerg and terrible. Dumplings for lunch changed everything. Never underestimate the power of dumplings.

β€ͺI'm one of three people in the office on a Friday morning.‬
The doorbell rings. The office manager is out, so I go to answer it.‬
The UPS carrier has a package addressed to me personally.‬

Reader, I am spooked.

@crwbot What Ubiquiti gear requires a cloud account? I know that some *support* cloud access, but none of them require it AFAIK?

@xor Transferred most of my domains to Cloudflare a few days ago and wow do I have too many weird ones.

Making grits. It feels weird to deliberately make things out of corn when literally everything is corn.

Bless your heart, Charles, but would you please try harder to understand the guy whose family were murdered in the Holocaust. If you don't, everyone's going to end up hunted by giant robots or something.

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