Not really sure what's wrong so I'm just going to keep fiddling with this bit until the tests all pass at the same time.

The San Francisco Bay Area has the most contaminated air in the world today. Here's how to protect yourself.

Do you think that there are Republicans who are kept up at night wondering if they just could have gerrymandered a little more efficiently, gained a couple more votes, and kept the house?

Shout-out to the cyclist wearing noise-cancelling headphones and texting.

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Just got home after a long week. Time to put on a synthwave mix and boot up Exapunks.

The Arameic word for β€œfanon” is β€œapochrapha”.

I am extremely here for in-screen fingerprint sensor. And now OnePlus is actually making a commitment to software updates, so you don't have that sword of Damocles hanging over you if you get one of these things.

One day, when the twilight of our civilization has ended, an archeologist comes upon a laptop whose hard drive promises untold cultural riches. Excited, they scrounge and build the pieces they need to get it running and unlock the terabytes of storage. Looking at the listings of books and movies and music and other great art, they open the first book. What wisdom does it hold?

Adobe Digital Editions cannot connect to the Fulfillment Server. Please check your network connection and try again.

Talking with coworkers about our weekends and I realized how much of a stereotype I am. "Oh yeah, after the roller derby game on Saturday, I had a remote Dungeons and Dragons game on Sunday, and then I finished Exapunks, my favorite assembly-programming game." πŸ™„

@micahflee Okay, but `no-reply` is a great username to grab on any communication service. It's so good that I'm actively thinking of making that my new actual email address on my domain. It's uh definitely an accurate description of my approach to SMTP. 😰

On my way home, I was lucky enough to see a gorgeous hawk swoop and fly from perch to perch at twilight. Much too fast and far away for me to take a picture, but a wonderful moment of sheer joy as I realized just what I was seeing.

I have just been injected with a serum which should render me temporarily immune to one of the deadliest and most disruptive infectious diseases in the world.

Our civilization is capable of engineering and distributing this serum to almost everyone, every year. This is an incredible achievement.

Some people don't take it because their healing crystals will protect them from harm.

When you say β€œIt's been…” and then pause for a moment as you mentally tally the time, please understand that there's only one possible way for me to respond. I'm sorry; I don't make the rules. πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™‚οΈ

Just spent thirty seconds resting my finger on the power button of my ThinkPad, wondering why it wasnt unlocking. You know, if you were wondering how my day was going. πŸ™„

When you upgrade to Mojave, Apple swaps out the background for the login screen. There's no user-facing control to change it back β€” you have to copy your preferred JPG (or HEIC) over the default image at `/Library/Desktop Pictures/Mojave.heic`.

The MacOS dark mode is beautiful. All the Apple apps look wonderful. And I love the ability to specify accent colors other than blue and grey.

Highlight of the day so far: being asked to record some dialogue for a show so that a friend can practice a British accent for the audition.

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