Mastodon: you should randomly pick some person's server to hang out on and trust with your data.
No, of course they aren't registered data controllers.

The law is still a thing (especially in Europe), and companies like Twitter are at least somewhat more accountable to the justice system for misuse in a way that the pseudonymous server admin of your favourite queer polyamorous furry art sharing instance can't. Just saying.

Federation: still bad.

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@tommorris Those laws don't protect anyone from the wealthy who will acquire and abuse your data anyway.

SO yeah, the federation model has issues and risks that should be taught about and either accepted or not, but really, the guys "bound by the law" aren't, anyway.

@MarkWarner Not in the US, perhaps, but in the EU, the GDPR wave is coming and nobody seems to have really thought about how federation+GDPR is going to work.

@tommorris I’m extremely unconvinced that the GDPR will actually be uniformly enforced and not riddled with loopholes.

That’s not to say you’re wrong about data security and trust issues.

@MarkWarner Given how inept the UK's ICO has been for many years, uniform enforcement is a high bar to clear.

I personally wouldn't run an instance in the EU (or, would only run it for myself as the sole user).

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