I very reluctantly relaunched my personal site. Not because I particularly want to, but because I didn't want it to be totally dead.

I can't promise to write lots, because I'm a bit busy reading.

@tommorris thanks for that— I had seen people talking about netlify and not looked into it enough to see what it is. Now I know. So whatcha reading?

@edsu Netlify is basically GitHubPages++.

As for my reading: a whole lot of paperwork and not a lot of classic novels, alas. All for good ends though.

@tommorris hurrah! FWIW WordPress hosting costs pennies these days. Still, glad so see date slugs in your URls 😊

@Edent Yup, but that means a MySQL installation, and possible PHP vulns. Can't get more secure and less breakable than static files.

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