My current problems with Mastodon/GNU Social:

1. How do I move my account between instances? Like, let's say I'm on but then decide I want to self-host. How do I do that?

2. No language tags. It'd be useful to be able to mark particular posts as being in a particular language. the web is worldwide.

3. How do I just get an Atom feed of someone's posts? Not advertised in the UI.

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@tommorris for #3 it's mastodon.socal/users/"username here".atom

@tommorris 1. Sadly, one will still have to register a new account somewhere else and start from scratch. However, at this moment, you can export your follow- and block-lists into CSV and import them after moving, so that your home timeline doesn't change.

2. Да, было бы неплохо. (Yes, that would be nice.)


If you would like to see features and enhancement requests.

Please consider looking at the github repo and seeing if there is an already open one or filing one yourself. :)

@tommorris for number 1, unfortunately the current best solution is to just make a new account. however, you can export your follow list and blocklist, and then import them on the new account, to make the process a little easier

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