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Things Mastodon probably needs to grow:

1. a much better "migrate from Twitter" tool (the current tool is a bit slow)

2. better ways to discover people to follow (by interests and language). Currently, the main way I'm finding people is looking through the timelines of people I know. This seems like a recipe for filter bubbles.

3. account migration (I know, it's being worked on!)

I'm not too bothered about federation. That seems pretty meh to me. But owning your own content is something I can get behind.

What I'd really like is a way to implement one-user-per-server. As in, run your own Mastodon instance just for yourself.

I'm anti-social and the rest of you can run your own or live on a public server. I eventually want my own.

Also, not bothered about usernames. Usernames should be domain names. Instead of [at]username[at]domain just have username.domain :)

What I really wish Mastodon had: straightforward documentation on how to implement the underlying protocols without having to run your own instance.

I've attempted to do this in the past but it required too much W3C spec unpicking.

My current problems with Mastodon/GNU Social:

1. How do I move my account between instances? Like, let's say I'm on but then decide I want to self-host. How do I do that?

2. No language tags. It'd be useful to be able to mark particular posts as being in a particular language. the web is worldwide.

3. How do I just get an Atom feed of someone's posts? Not advertised in the UI.

That periodical rediscovery of mastodon.

Also, I blatantly stole the tick thing from @tenderlove because why the fuck not. I might change it for a strawberry later.

There’s finally a reasonable looking podcasting client for Linux: Vocal. It has the things that iTunes (etc.) has had since the early days which everyone told me were unimportant like remembering where you left off.

Of course, now we have the Web Audio API, Electron and things like remoteStorage, we may even get cross-platform free software podcasting apps that sync what you have and haven’t listened to across devices. And then we’ll be back to where we were...

My primary reason for having a Mastodon account is so that when I write my next blog, I can syndicate posts out to it.

The 500 character limit is a nice improvement on Twitter's 140. I don't think the technical stuff that Mastodon/GNU Social uses is necessary. Strangely, I don't think federation is important either. But whatever.

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