Just in case you wanted to hear me talk about implementing rotating space stations for with for 45 minutes and missed the original at this year's , here you go:

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@tomsart it was a nice talk, great with the basic 2D theory and references to actual researches and filmographic references.
Since a long time I thought about that problem, and I actually think it "doesn't work" as a gravity replacement, like your basket ball experiment shows; I would really pity the humans that will try to experience it /o\
in my physics courses at uni it was called centrifuge effect, _not_ "force" to differentiate it from real forces acting at distance without tethering ...

@Olm_e Thanks! The bigger it is, the easier to adapt to probably! I would love to experience all of the scenarios, but I'd be a little afraid that it would just be like living in an airport, or a mall. I remember centriFugal as the Fake force.. never really thought of a good way to remember "centripetal", just that it's the other one.

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