The Columbia Gorge area really is quite nice.. I went to many places this summer I hadn't been to before..

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I'm either a day late with this comic, or early for later.

weight painting via is alive! Finally figured out the rest/custom/pose/global/skeleton/mesh/skin matrices. Now needs polish and optimizing..

Almost have weight painting working in this project.. I don't quite understand how Godot skin bind poses relate to posed vertex postitions though, help!!

I implemented a mirror node and associated editing interface in . You can easily switch back and forth between node editing or mirror line dragging.

Posing now working on my based rig tool with . Still need to implement the actual weight paint, instead of just weight display.. -ish

Made a little flying widget in . Also work in progress of a vr based rigging tool I'm working on.

Yesterday in Portland, during the Heat Dominion. Good times.

Made my Godot keyboard wrap around a torus.. Also implemented loading from json configs for somewhat easy creation of new layouts.

A 3-court space basketball cylinder, made with for . Btw if you like rotating space station arcana, you should probably check out Saturday's premier of the High Frontier, a new documentary about Gerard O'Neill! ...I'm not affiliated with the doc, just been looking forward to it!

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