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Keeping an eye out for ways to put a circle in a square, for (you'll have to browse the mastodon alternative for a wider variety of the crazy things math folk are doing with checkerboards lately)

Putting some energy into .. implemented several vector graphics construction nodes that let you do line "arrows" from any object, and clone on random point sets. I mean it's not making the entire Grand Canyon with a single shader on Blender's default cube, but hey, it's a start!

So assuming my country doesn't nuke itself tomorrow, Halloween lasts through November, right? I'm a little late getting this convex pumpkin patch together.

Trying to work with a particular software library at the moment. It can do a lot, but omg the learning curve and unfortunate documentation. Had to take a break to make this diagram for venting purposes.

Another October "drawing" challenge, for "bulky".. Sculpted in , colored and animated in + , tweaked in , finished off in !

Work in progress on non-destructive perspective (and other) transformations in Laidout, using a hybrid node+interface workflow.

Blocking out a people mover for my 1 km wide rotating space station inside Deimos.. Calling it the L, your choice if that means elevated or angular momentum.

Here's what the NASA Perseverance
rover would look like from a 1g slanted centrifuge on Mars (more or less)..

Playing around with widgets for rotate/scale around point of clicking, with optional angle snapping and number inputs...

With recent updates to my svg importer, I can finally generate tons of icon files from a few master svg files directly from Laidout, instead of using an extra tool. Before, this took an agonizing 10 minutes, now: 3 seconds!

Experimenting with making a centerline bitmap tracer that finds the centerline AND the line width, outputs to svg powerstroked paths that Inkscape understands. Definitely room for improvement, but pleased with a couple days work!

Gotta say, it's kind of soothing to fix something that's been broken and/or missing in my Laidout software since around 2007, namely being able to fill paths with gradients comfortably. Gradients also now import well from svg.

Making expandable colonnades in with ... Models in based on photos I took in Cordoba, Spain before a Libre Graphics Meeting a couple years ago. This year's LGM is doing online this week. Really missing travel!

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