@tomstoneham Luckily we have a, now discontinued, Visionary subscription with Proton which looks after VPN for all of them. But it's mostly about educating them and we now self host most day-to-day stuff. The teenagers roll their eyes if Google gets mentioned etc.... lol.

@gruff Privacy begins with education! I have ProtonVPN on my laptop but don't keep it running on my phone because I use TrackerControl.
It is a hard choice between defending myself against surveillance capitalism and the surveillance state. Ho hum

@tomstoneham That's interesting. Only one VPN at a time. I have ProtonVPN on constantly, therefore my mobile provider is shut out of the loop, useful for Wi-fi hotspots too.

I use LineageOS on my device without Gapps. Most of my apps are FOSS and fairly 'safe'. Aegis, Bitwarden, Firefox Klar, Newpipe, Proton etc.


@gruff I use GrapheneOS with their sandboxed version of Play Services in a Work profile for the few apps that need it. The Work profile also allows me to have a separate contacts list for those apps which like to hoover up contacts.

There are two reasons I end up with non-FOSS:

1. People! I do a lot of voluntary/political work with groups that use WhatsApp/Slack because that is the only way they get broad engagement. I managed to get one group onto Signal but that took months ...

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2. When I am out of the house, whether for work or non-work, my phone is my personal computer: banking, lifeadmin, lawyers etc. And much of that has to be non-FOSS.

I suppose I could carry my laptop (and charger, and phone for tethering ...) but I would like to avoid that.

Up to now my threat model had placed a low likelihood on broad sweeps of internet history by government agencies ...

@tomstoneham Wow GrapheneOS brilliant! I follow Daniel MiCay. I couldn't bring myself to buy Google hardware, though, let alone afford current versions. Bought Fairphone, hence one reason for LineageOS, but I've been using that since Cyanogenmod days..... Whatsapp is hard (I don't use it but parents use it for football and such so it's hard to get rid of) but Slack will work on a phone without GMS. It's tricky isn't it?

@gruff GrapheneOS is great - moved there from /e/ (now Murena) for the extra security. And since I only ever buy refurb phones, I was able to hold my nose over the Pixel. Was tempted by a Fairphone too but very happy with Graphene.

Yes, it is tricky. WhatsApp seems inevitable and then there are all the secondary privacy breaches as people email you from Gmail addresses etc.

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