I haven’t seen this actually advertised anywhere, but this week there are loads of films going really cheap (mostly £1.99 or £2.99) on iTunes. megamovieweek.co.uk/

It is very impressive how slick & simple Netlify is. Free private GitHub repos is what unlocked it for me — I’ve now moved several of my sites there and it was super easy. Their Lambda integration is unbelievably convenient too. Well done @phae@twitter.com.

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Netlify is absolutely amazing. Connecting it to GitHub repositories is super easy, and deploys are blazing fast. I am currently moving all my static sites there and will be able to shut down my VPS.

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We can’t believe it!!!

@Hbomberguy@twitter.com has just raised $100,000 for Mermaids by playing Donkey Kong from start to finish live online....🎉🎉🎉


And he’s still going! ⤵️

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An (ever so slightly) early Christmas present: my addition of Proc composition to Ruby was merged to trunk. You’ll soon be able to compose Procs with << and >>! See github.com/ruby/ruby/commit/a4 & the following 3 commits (Thanks to @tomstuart@twitter.com for spotting this)

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This would be a great way for a new contributor to help with a popular Ruby open source project.

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Looking to get involved in open source in Ruby? This RSpec Rails issue asks for some documentation for system tests: github.com/rspec/rspec-rails/i our documentation lives here: github.com/rspec/rspec-rails/b and it's pretty bare right now. Would love to see someone add to it!

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Seriously though, WHY DO THEY DO THIS
RT @britishgaming@twitter.com Reading the subtitles in Just Cause 4 like

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RT @czetter@twitter.com: I had fun building a crossword for the @computationclub@twitter.com festive show and tell- multicrosser.chriszetter.com/c

So many good anagrams for 'Turing complete'- ‘computer tingle’, ‘lettuce romping’, ‘recompute glint’ and ‘cluttering poem'. It was hard to pick just one. twitter.com/computationclub/st

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RT @computationclub@twitter.com: Come hear about our various computational adventures from the past year and please feel free present your own at our Festive Show & Tell for 2018 next Tuesday, 4th December at Geckoboard from 6:30 pm: attending.io/events/computatio

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RT @computationclub@twitter.com: Join us tomorrow night at WeWork Kings Place from 6:30 pm to hear @mudge@twitter.com’s “HyperLogLog in 15 minutes”, give feedback and discuss the algorithm in more detail. Please sign up at attending.io/events/computatio and we look forward to seeing you then!

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One hell of a decade.
RT @rubymanor@twitter.com 10 years ago we opened the doors on the first ever Ruby Manor. Can’t believe we’ve been doing it for 10 years now! Which was your favourite? rubymanor.org/#when

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Looking forward to this. 🇦🇺 (👋🏻 @nodunayo@twitter.com @tekin@twitter.com 🙌🏻)
RT @rubyconf_au@twitter.com Tom Stuart (@tomstuart) will be speaking on how representations matter as part of crafting well-structured software solutions 🙌

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RT @sarahmei@twitter.com: Anyone who tells you to study certain tech areas must be so early in their career that they haven’t figured out yet - communication with other humans is the only constant.

Just saying - might want to take that into account when choosing whose advice to consider. 🤔

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Blimey, I beat the "shortest known solution". That's never happened before.

“Guess who these men are.”
“One of them is the man from Best of the Worst. I don’t know who the other one is.”
“Yeah you do.”

“Overall, I’m left pretty disappointed by the game - and that’s largely because it feels staggeringly dated in its core design.”
RT @britishgaming@twitter.com Here’s what I thought of Red Dead Redemption 2 - patreon.com/posts/22570692

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Upside for newer devs: it’s extremely easy to Just Use any custom hooks that the rest of your team have already built, and it mostly won’t matter if you don’t understand how they work under the hood. That’s a huge benefit over the existing approaches, which are all more invasive.

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