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Any old ideology can exploit people… the true genius of capitalism lies in getting the exploited to celebrate their own exploitation in hopes that maybe one day they’ll be the ones doing the exploiting.

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Für alle die macOS bisher in Punkto #Datenschutz als gute Alternative wahrgenommen haben, ist das ein Schlag in die Magengrube. Mit dem Update überträgt dein Mac unverschlüsselte Nutzungsdaten zu Apple!


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I just realized that the above video was @aral speaking 👌

And I recently found in which Aral explains the problem to the European Parliament.
I couldn't agree more with what he said.

I wish I could explain it so clearly and concisely.
I recently tried to explain centralized vs decentralized to a friend after mentioning Mastodon as being some kind of decentralized Twitter.
I'm doubtful whether that person understood it enough to explain it to someone else.

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Clone my workstation! Update of my guide to install my 100% Free/Libre and Open-Source operating system and tools. "Kubuntu Linux 20.04 for a digital painting workstation: Reasons and Install guide":
#kubuntu #kde #linux #krita #digitalart

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Matthias Pfefferle is the creator of a plug-in which lets you connect WordPress blogs to the Fediverse. You can follow here:

➡️ @pfefferle

You can find out more about ActivityPub For WordPress at

The plug-in lets people follow a WordPress blog from Mastodon or from any other Fediverse account, with new blog posts appearing to followers as toots.

#WordPress #ActivityPub #Fediverse #Blogs #Blogging #PlugIns #PlugIn #Mastodon #Pleroma #Friendica #Hubzilla

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GNOME Usage 3.37.1 released

- the window is now adaptive and works on phones
- better detect application IDs via desktop entries
- better group processes per application via cgroups

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Please. Let me identify myself with my PGP key on mastodon. Then the system can automatically help my followers find me when I change instances.

please boost my tooooot!

#mastodon #dev #hassle

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🦆This is a cross-post from Twitter, its contents might suck 🦆 

RT @MemphisQuinn

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