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Budapest mayoral election. Opposition candidate wins.
Follow @POLITICOEurope@twitter.com's @liliebayer@twitter.com for updates. twitter.com/liliebayer/status/

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Hungarian oppo candidate for Budapest mayor Gergely Karacsony looks poised to beat 1-term Fidesz-backed incumbent. He consulted widely w mayors of Istanbul & Warsaw before launching the campaign. Here's my interview with him from last week in @FT@twitter.com:

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azon agyalok, hogy akkor most az I. keruletben holnap reggel lehet leadni a lakaskulcsokart bayernek es a tobbi “szerencsesnek”… :D

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Supporting humanitarian scientific research is important to me. That's why I donated 10 days of my computer's processing time to @WCGrid@twitter.com last week. Join me! autotweet.worldcommunitygrid.o

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Been saying this for at least two years but: Facebook is a conservative outlet. When conservatives criticize, they solemnly and apologetically promise to do better. When liberals criticize, they tell them to shut up. twitter.com/fbnewsroom/status/

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Hey Windows Terminal fans! We're currently working on polishing the Terminal to prepare it for v1.0. We would love to hear your pain points regarding the UX/UI. Feel free to respond to this tweet with your thoughts! 😊

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so @SourPatchKids@twitter.com how come the extreme version I picked up isn't sour at all? Like the normal version is more sour than this.

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Everyone in the Bay Area: "Paypal can die, they never managed to reinvent themselves, Venmo is taking over!"

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meh (@ Budapest Liszt Ferenc International Airport - @budairport@twitter.com in Budapest, Budapest főváros) swarmapp.com/c/6RY3aTyGdf3

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“If possession is 90% of the law, what’s the other 10%?”
“It’s the actual law.”
“So the law is 10% of itself.”
“But that would mean people with possessions would always get more and the law would get weaker each time it was applied and...oh.”
“Welcome to Earth, spaceman.”

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last leg (@ Gate 3A - @heathrowairport@twitter.com in Hounslow, Greater London) swarmapp.com/c/cSlUVEmDsYH

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