RT @justinxinliu@twitter.com: Like the Surface Hub 2 rotating display? Let’s create a similar experience on a normal Windows tablet w/ Accelerometer & ExpressionAnimation APIs, TODAY! Source: github.com/JustinXinLiu/AppRot

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RT @ctavan@twitter.com: Brief correction: Cookies seem to get removed and re-created immediately. At least the cookie content and creation date seems to change. Nonetheless: After hitting the "remove all" button you still don't end up with an empty cookie jar.

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RT @ctavan@twitter.com: Also "Clear browsing data" -> "Cookies and other site data" doesn't empty local storage. That comes unexpected since localStorage is broadly used in web/ad tracking.

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RT @ctavan@twitter.com: "Clear all Cookies except Google Cookies", thanks Chrome. /cc @matthew_d_green@twitter.com

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RT @tomwarren@twitter.com: Instagram founders are out. That’s not good news if you’re a fan of Instagram. Facebook can now truly ruin it twitter.com/nytimes/status/104

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New Fluent video... new ringtone! -- Power and simplicity: Evolving the Microsoft Office 365 user experience youtu.be/f6xx2OFRg60

my brother just sent me this.... I'm dead :"DDDDDDDDD

cc @pathofexile@twitter.com

my brother just sent me this... I'm dead :"DDDDDDDDDDDDDD

RT @matte_bIack@twitter.com best shit i ever made 🤣🤣🤣

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maps on windows 10 now apparently has traffic cameras built in, even in hungary? :o

irc? msn?
RT @dom_dotty@twitter.com State you age by naming a social media app or platform.

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if someone's wondering how one's head might look after streaming VR for 2 hours

In the past week, I contributed 16 days to humanitarian scientific research through @WCGrid@twitter.com. Join me! autotweet.worldcommunitygrid.o

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