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People had alot of very, err... creative ideas as to how we should respond to the move made by LinkedIn..😂😂

We decided to remain classy(ish) & open up Polywork to more people!! We did have some fun with the VIP code though.. 😂🎟

It's good for 2000 people! 🤯🚀 To the moon!! twitter.com/richdevelops/statu

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If you want to see how much of a threat @PolyworkHQ@twitter.com is to @LinkedIn@twitter.com try going to pollywork.com (extra L) and you'll be redirected to linkedin.com.

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[sighs in expression blend]

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Combine all of this to design and build real apps. Really quickly.

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@stanzillaz@twitter.com Accelerators: gone (Win+X+A to launch admin cmd for example)
Ability to run task manager from taskbar right click: gone
Changing powershell to cmd in Win+X: checkbox removed from UI

What a nice series of middle fingers to intermediate & above users

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Man those weeks of empty CUs were really worth it! I love seeing "Windows 11" which jumps between 2009, 2012, 2015 and 2021 design paradigms depending on what you open

Literally none of the consistency problems people were complaining about for 6 years got fixed

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Amúgy most hol vannak a szólásszabadság huszárok? Akik darabokra szednek egy YT komment törlése miatt? Mert ami most történik, na az a cenzúra és a szólásszabadság megsértése.

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oh and I read there are widgets now? wut. y take my tiles then

maybe it me, but I don't like the new start.

I don't see how I can have all of these things in there

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We've been hearing about a 2 phase release of Sun Valley for a while but damn is this first phase more half assed than I expected
Believing that Microsoft would suddenly do UX right after whatever they've been up to since 2015 was very gullible of me

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I really hope I can left align the taskbar, cause that muscle memory won't go away

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Remember Index, our former largest news portal, captured by Orban’s oligarch last year? Just in time for the 2022 campaign, it has turned into a nasty propaganda machine, equating gays & child abusers

Headline: “Anti-paedophilia-law passed by Parliament, those affected protest”

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Nintendo tweeted from their official account that co-streaming today’s event is not allowed, differing from years past. While /twitchgaming has permission to air the show, we won’t be airing the event because all creators can’t co-stream. twitter.com/nintendo/status/14

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I designed pride merch with @STEMPotential@twitter.com !

Proceeds go toward helping students of all orientations in STEM fields across the globe get access to resources and mentorship.

Buy it here:


RT for reach if you’re feeling generous.

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cant wait for the EU to "express concern" about hungary's latest anti-lgbt bill then proceed to do absolutely nothing of significance to help 🙃

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🇭🇺This will be a picture in history books: the start of a fascist witch hunt against LGBTIQ-persons in the heart of the European Union.

🏳️‍🌈157 Hungarian MPs declare all their LGBTIQ-citizens not worthy to be equal citizens.

🇪🇺The @EU_Commission@twitter.com has led it happen... .

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