TIL "tariff free brexit-eu deal" doesn't mean you don't have to pay customs when you order something from the UK

also while I'm in a complaining mood... why is the call log on iOS only 1 month long AND has no search? ugh.

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I have a little news to share: Tomorrow, I am switching into a new role & team at Microsoft!

Why? What's happening?

This is a two part story. Part 2 comes tomorrow, but part 1 summarizes my last 5 years at Microsoft. I hope you find it interesting: bitcrazed.com/blog/2021/01/the

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Our community team just added its 5th member! I can’t describe how incredible it feels going from doing this solo to building/improving over time, to finally having a whole group of people to work with, share ideas between and pass on the experiences and lessons. This is so cool!

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why is the @onedrive@twitter.com default folder share option is to allow editing? I want that like once out of a 100 times. So annoying.

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a bunch of hl1 texture sources and photo references got released today after being teased years ago and they're so surreal to look through

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oh no

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"According to Marc Laidlaw, the first Half-Life movie treatment pitched to Valve climaxed with a tearful reunion between enslaved Vortigaunts and their Vortiwives and children."

Give us that pitch!

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omg @JenMsft@twitter.com can you work with them to have this as a sound pack? tiktok.com/@maytree_music/vide :D this is amazing

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📺DEBUT: ‘Numb3rs’ starring @RobMorrow_@twitter.com and David Krumholtz premiered 16 years ago, January 23, 2005, on CBS

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BREAKING: Joe Biden signs an executive order mandating all waterfalls in video games have something hidden behind them.

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The highest-earning e-sports player in 2020 was chess's Magnus Carlsen. I can't decide if I'm more amused that it was a chess player, or that chess is now considered an e-sport.


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