RT @bexchangewords@twitter.com: Beyond excited to announce this! It's going to be a great expansion. I can't wait to share more details with you in the coming weeks and begin the teaser cycle anew. Thanks so much to everyone sharing their excitement so far! You make it all worthwhile. twitter.com/pathofexile/status

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RT @pathofexile@twitter.com We're proud to announce Path of Exile: Betrayal! You'll investigate a mysterious organisation known as the Immortal Syndicate. Betrayal features new masters, maps, unified hideouts, streamlined mastercrafting, new items, new skills and much more.


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RT @bexchangewords@twitter.com: Today is the day, exiles! Just under four hours until we share all the details for the upcoming @pathofexile@twitter.com expansion! After 18 of these, I wouldn’t have thought I’d still find so much joy in these but I’m still just as excited as ever. The community’s hype always gets me hyped!

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RT @shanselman@twitter.com: Amazon HQs are going to be in Long Island City and Crystal City, because Star City, Central City, National City, Midway City, Gateway City, and Gotham City weren't available.

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❗(bár én sajnos nem jövök haza)
RT @itsthelou@twitter.com @Zsu_u@twitter.com letörném a kezét annak aki felettem felkapcsolja a villanyt, ezért jövök haza sötétedés előtt. win-win.

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RT @donasarkar@twitter.com: Yo @jack@twitter.com and @TwitterSupport@twitter.com :

Please investigate why @WinObs@twitter.com has been suspended. He is the last person on Twitter who should be suspended. He's ALWAYS helpful, kind and constructive.

16 million

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yo yo yo twitter, @redditgifts@twitter.com Secret Santa 10th Annual Extravaganza is happening! I'm participant #49166. Sign up now! redditgifts.com/?inv=BLyD

RT @bexchangewords@twitter.com: There’s only two more days until we announce @pathofexile@twitter.com’s 3.5.0 expansion and next week we start daily teasers in addition to daily news! The hype train is leaving the station!

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RT @ThomasNigro@twitter.com: @davidfowl@twitter.com The new issue with Unity is the use of AOT runtime, which breaks compatibility with several .NET libraries...

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In the past week, I contributed 19 days to humanitarian scientific research through @WCGrid@twitter.com. Join me! autotweet.worldcommunitygrid.o

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