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Guy Goma arrived at the BBC for an interview to get an accounting job. Somehow there was a misunderstanding at the lobby when he told them he was there for an interview, and he ended up being interviewed on live TV about Apple 🤣 and the absolute lad did it without a flinch twitter.com/TimGatt/status/139

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⚠️Last update before re-entry: estimates that object CZ-5B R/B will re-enter the Earth’s atmosphere on 2021-05-09 at 02:32 UTC ± 139min. This map shows the ground track. Read more: eusst.eu/newsroom/eu-sst-monit

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I’m old enough to remember Google getting rather upset with Microsoft when it went rogue and made its own YouTube app for Windows Phone 🥴 twitter.com/verge/status/13907

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People saying "this is obviously because Google Docs is better" are simply revealing that most of their word processing consists of shuffling five page memos around a team of a dozen people over and over

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wow @PolyworkHQ@twitter.com 's new site is amazing

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So, hopefully you will enjoy it! Check it out at polywork.com

We're here to create a place we hope will empower people to tell their story, connect with others and see that maybe, just maybe... their path could be more colorful than they once thought. 🌌🌠

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Announcement time 📢 We launched our new interactive website! 🥰💻

First of all, we want to thank the community of creators who brought this project to life 🌅💜 This was a real labor of love. We invested 900+ hours in this project across 4 timezones & 21 wonderful people...

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this ad is a good demo for bethesda games in real life

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Great VFX work by Doug Liman & MPC studio on "The Reset" commercial for Verizon's 5G network (and a world without lags ;-)
Full video >> catsuka.com/news/2021-05-06/th

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The moon photographed over 28 days at the same place and at the same time.

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Hey guyz, today marks exactly one year since "I'll Just Dance" came out >w< Celebrating the anniverary, we've got some SPICY REMIXES by @sweaterbeats@twitter.com , Ariza, and Hush Child - OUT NOWWWWW!!😆🌋🔥💥❤ Whoohoooooo!!!

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**iOS Users Assemble!** 😆🚀

Want first access to our iOS TestFlight next week?📱🔥

250 places up for grabs. First come first serve! Existing users and people on waitlist can apply.


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