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Microsoft Mesh is built on Orleans! Great work, everyone involved!

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Introducing Microsoft Mesh.

It enables presence and shared experiences from anywhere – across devices – through mixed reality applications.

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As a...
– website visitor
I want to...
– be blocked from entering the website
So that...
– I can enjoy a better experience with the native app

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Hungary’s public is shaken by the mass resignation of doctors & nurses triggered by a rushed & misguided reform overhauling rights & work arrangements of healthcare staff.

Yesterday was the deadline for signing the new contracts, scores of HCWs refused. Just imagine the horror.

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@souljaboy@twitter.com Thanks for the reply. I never 'feuded' with a celebrity on Twitter before.

I'm looking forward to reviewing the Soulja PC when it comes out :)

I'll be first in line to buy it - LS

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@MKBHD@twitter.com I think that's kinda one of the prerequisites for a Twitter feud, tho, right? 😂

Man... I know laughing smiley is boomer shit but that's just what my face looks like rn. Can't help it.

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@linusgsebastian@twitter.com Careful, his ego is too fragile to go along with harmless banter 😅

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