Gender can strike at any time, I used to be an obnoxious Reddit teen boy until I hit r/random once and now I'm a lesbian & fake hacker who practices fine art and type theory

Anchor is a free podcasting app that lets you easily make a show from your phone, but also allows uploading pre-edited audio. Seems too good to be true, but I want to give it a try.

My frustration with Twitter's mismanagement is only surpassed by my frustration with people who are unwilling to consider ditching it

Some folks on birdsite are tagging our project account in tweets like "hey jack twitter should copy this thing mastodon does". The idea that this is merely about features is short-sighted. Twitter will never, ever, ever be your friend. They are the shareholders' friend, not yours. No feature will let you see what their engineers are working on, what's under the hood. No feature will fix their headquarters in the US following and enforcing US laws and customs worldwide.

Twin Peaks: The Return Part 9 

The last thing I expected was for the show to seemingly morph into an ARG on episode 9. The Principal's website is real (, and there are coordinates listed at the bottom. Someone drove there and found a CD and is about to dump the contents. What a wild ride.

It is claimed Ernest Hemingway once wrote a six-word short story that could make people cry for a bet. The wager was ten dollars, which Hemingway won with the following: 

Notch posted another very bad take.

Chuck Renslow, creator of the first gay leather bar, the International Mr. Leather competition, the Leather Archives & Museum, and many other 20th century gay institutions, has passed away. What an incredible legacy and lasting cultural impact he made in his time here. Thank you, Chuck <3

Chelsea Manning mentioned me on the birdside <3 Truly a hero

@3E23 who is this enigmatic, handsome gentleman?! :)

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