The NASA crawler-transporters are amazing, they can carry a a whole moon rocket or space shuttle or even a part of a node_modules directory

Reveal doesn't have a presence on Mastodon at this stage, but my team released an amazing update today include an all-new Accessibility Workspace that gives you tools to inspect, experience and verify that your UIKit app is accessible to all your users.

Read more here:

Download the release here:

A request to all #StarTrek #StrangeNewWorlds fans:

Please add a CW to your posts about the series. Many countries won't get the show until late this year because Paramount is using it to roll out its streaming service, and that is slow to roll out beyond the US.

Be nice to your friends and save us from spoilers <3

Added support for Ruby to Chime today. Lots of work went into this, and I’m happy with the results.

My Kodiaq has been in for a mechatronics replacement for almost three weeks now. The experience has been fine - the service centre aren't great communicators, but I don't think that they have a lot of info to share. The replacement unit needed to be shipped in from overseas.

Can't wait to get it back, though. It's such a nice car to drive.

Day 3 of having COVID, and I think I dodged a bullet - the worst seems to have passed. Given my broken immune system and lung issues, this could have gone very differently. I'm glad that I am vaccinated, and grateful that my experience has been pretty mild.

Dense web apps like GitHub issues would be so much better as desktop apps. I’d love to see them purchase something like Linear and integrate/improve it, but they’d axe the desktop app within 12 months and claim something about not having enough cash to maintain it.

Big tech don't actually know how to build anything but web apps now, and it's absolutely to the detriment of their users.

I'm riding the Spicy Cough Express™ all the way to the station!

At first, I was like "is this it?" and then last night I was like "am I underwater? This is like breathing underwater!".

I think I'm through the worst of it now, mind you.

This is not good for productivity... instead of having to fire up my PowerMac 9500, I can open in a browser and play Marathon.

@stevestreza the tech preview is pretty rough. I only have M1 devices now, so it’s the best worst option. Hope it works out ok for you!

Me being stabbed by Michael Myers: thanks for keeping me safe by wearing a mask

I would like to buy a small rack to hold about 3-4U worth of gear, and potentially my NAS (DS916+).

Does anyone have any suggestions? I’d like something that is neat and nice looking (no overt logos).

🐘 The official Mastodon iOS app is out now! Working on this app was a dream, and we’re so happy to see it ship.

About to bisect another regression I’ve introduced. The main stumbling block with AppKit projects and git bisect is needing older Xcode versions to compile the various checkouts.

Ok, the ThunderBolt 3 port on my LG 5K display has snapped off completely. It’s out of warranty — does anyone have recommendations for a new display? (The Pro Display XDR is well outside of my budget… I don’t get paid enough for that kind of kit!)

So not only did the thunderbolt 3 cable break, the input TB3 port on my LG 5K display snapped off internally, too. It’s too small for me to re-solder 😣

The mobile Discord app logs me out at least once every two updates. Seems like a bit of a bug festival based on my experiences with the thing.

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