I’ll stop there. You all know what comes next. I throw out an insult at Apple and it’s development staff, then feel bad about it and run around like a headless chook.

I write dev tools for a living. Maybe I should do something about it?

I think the niggle at the back of my head with this is that this has been a problem with Xcode tools since before version 1.0.

It’s not getting better. Where are the improvements to things like this? Where is the automation? Why am I still manually editing this nonsense?

Sorry, I spent the evening fixing up localisation strings across an entire project and now I have feelings.

Comments for your localisation strings don’t belong in your source code.

Drive it a layer deeper, and it seems like genstrings might be the driver here. It can’t do updates, only rewrites. Manually merging changed/added strings back in is an awful solution IMO.

It strikes me that NSLocalizedString is a bad solution to a fairly straight-forward problem. It should be like an image literal - you specify a key in your code that’s used for localisation lookup, and then _everything else_ is in the strings/whatever file.


Why does genstrings overwrite existing localised values? It is not sparking joy.

When your licensing provider can’t be bothered fixing even the most basic of SDK ergonomics problems:

I’m angry that the industry collectively decided that authoring HTML is not the domain of Everyday People anymore.

How lovely would it be if there was a big update to FileMerge in Xcode 11?

I will not be at WWDC because my kids are jerks and it’s my fault because I’m their Dad. Jerks.

I am utterly destroyed by the fact that the pink highlights look so amazing in macOS Mojave’s dark mode.

Pink is a great colour.

Apple’s reminders and notes apps are like these poor, forgotten UI ducklings. All the features, they’re super useful but I dislike having them on screen because they’re really pretty uninspiring to look at and work with.

@millenomi I just updated a project to use Swift 5 under Xcode 10.2b4 purposely to get at the changes in github.com/apple/swift-corelib - did that not make the cut for Swift 5.0?

Sorry folks - Mast hasn’t notified me of a single reply - I swear I’m not being rude, I didn’t know you’d replied!

I was asked to sing happy birthday to @huwr@twitter.com on a conference call today, and I regret not doing it. The man deserves happiness, damnit!

[Breathes out] man, that new AIO CPU cooler made a huge difference. I can now stably run at 4.8Ghz and temps stay below 85ºC the whole time (mainly < 40ºC).

Nah yeah but nah and sometimes yeah but mainly nah, right?

My hope is that Apple rolls out running windows games on macOS with Marzipan. Also, that they put the colour red on more things with Marzipan.

And perhaps Marzipan should install a pool into the yard of everyone who runs a Marzipan app. Marzipan.

Nothing like a good bit of IT governance and data security to kick off product support on an autumn morning!

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