Is it possible to do two-way bindings using Combine like we could do with Cocoa Bindings? (without using any SwiftUI)

Has anyone actually seen watchOS 7 do the handwashing thing yet? Mine hasn't been.

Before I dive sideways into this bit of work: is anyone working on (or already has) an implementation of usbmux in Swift?

My Thing That Cannot Be Named arrived, however it doesn't work with the older LG 5K UltraFine displays.

And my eldest daughter is home with a runny nose, and is watching a movie on the only HDMI-capable display in the house (the TV).


Is it possible to do a rename like this using NS_SWIFT_NAME? /cc @brentdax

Or am I being a little over-optimistic trying to extend a scalar type?

Time to delete the app from my iPhone.

The app doesn't work. It never will work, because our government won't integrate the vendor-provided frameworks required to actually make it work:

Well that was a busy weekend.

The frangipani tree was the smallest, most wieldly object I carted around to the new house on foot 😳

Thanks to @smarnold56 for capturing this moment 😅

Seems like Swift might have gotten a little more strict about some of the nonsense I was getting up to. It's expecting @ objc in a bunch of spots it didn't need it before (which is OK, I was being *super* lazy in some of my implementation).

Damnit, why did I watch all of those SwiftUI videos?! don't want to use anything else now! 😍

*nudges Xcode 12 beta 1 in the direction of our CI server*

Here… you'll like this, CI server

There is the usual, disappointing gaslighting/trolling of AppKit/macOS developers happening again this WWDC.

I won't be engaging with it anymore — I'm going to keep building great experiences using the best API for the job at hand, and being excited about the future of macOS!

All of the system beeps under macOS 11 have been redone and they are super nice 😯

I can't wait until @cjmlgrto and I have some time together to work up new designs for Big Sur ❤️

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Aside from some minor layout/drawing/colouring discrepancies, Reveal runs pretty nicely under macOS 11:

I wonder what the prioritisation of Apple's DTK distribution will be. I know of one developer who has notice that theirs is coming already… kinda hoping we can get one for Reveal testing/preparation.

Seems terribly pointless to put any more money into my Hackintosh, regardless of the continued support for Intel CPUs.

Ima start squirrelling away my pennies for a decent 2021 iMac 🤓

The iPad felt a little unappreciated today, but I barely noticed with all of the amazing Mac and iOS changes! What a great WWDC 🥳

I'm all in for the changes from today's WWDC - I'm currently getting setup to assess the work needed to make @reveal_app a first-class citizen on Big Sur, and (DTK gods willing) on Apple Silicon.

Some of the design changes in this beta are… beta, but overall? I like it.

Oh, no! Double-clicking folders in Xcode 12 beta isn't expanding/contracting them.

Quick, Robin! To the whingemobile! *opens*

Part of me wants to get my hands on a DTK, but I don't have a HDMI/USB-C display to use with it. Not sure I technically *need* it, either, and $700AUD is a bit of cash to blow on something temporary (you give it back at the end).

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