About to bisect another regression I’ve introduced. The main stumbling block with AppKit projects and git bisect is needing older Xcode versions to compile the various checkouts.

Ok, the ThunderBolt 3 port on my LG 5K display has snapped off completely. It’s out of warranty — does anyone have recommendations for a new display? (The Pro Display XDR is well outside of my budget… I don’t get paid enough for that kind of kit!)

So not only did the thunderbolt 3 cable break, the input TB3 port on my LG 5K display snapped off internally, too. It’s too small for me to re-solder 😣

The mobile Discord app logs me out at least once every two updates. Seems like a bit of a bug festival based on my experiences with the thing.

Shit. The 2m Thunderbolt 3 cable I got with my 5K LG display just died. This is going to be an expensive thing to replace 😩

I’ve already used Swift Algorithms (github.com/apple/swift-algorit) to remove a bunch of code from one of my projects.

I never thought I’d be “that guy” about always using the right algorithm, but it seems to have happened along the way somewhere.

This is top shelf stuff!

So customising popup button visual style in SwiftUI on macOS — is this doable? Doesn’t look like there’s any kind of customisation entry point on this type.

One downside to Microsoft’s @VSAppCenter for analytics is that the functional data that you actually need to analyse such as the OS versions that users are running your app on aren’t inspectable at all. There’s no further detail here, making the information collected useless.

These icons look *super* familiar, but I can’t place the original (and I’ve long since lost my library of custom drive icons from early Mac OS X/MacOS 7/8/9 days): github.com/blackosx/OpenCanopy

Am I SwiftUI’ing wrong if I wrap NSTextField up to provide custom visuals?

I am loving this feeling of not knowing the right answer to a problem!

Is it possible to build a custom SwiftUI TextFieldStyle like with the ButtonStyle protocol?

In case any of the Xcode folks are reading this — I still can’t connect IBOutlets/IBActions or set custom classes in Interface Builder under macOS 11b8 with Xcode 11.7, 12.0 or 12.2b1. Something seems really broken for me system-wide and I’ve reinstalled fresh twice.


What’s the bet macOS 11 drops sometime in the next week while I’m recovering from another flipping obstruction?

Someone fetch me a TARDIS… or some effective painkillers 😫

The ARC vs GC conversation overnight has made my day. Thank you all for sharing such interesting, detailed knowledge and experience on this topic!

What’s with the people (on the Swift forums) wanting Swift to support Garbage Collection (GC)? Is it because they don’t understand how ARC works?

AppKit developers using Combine: we still need to watch for NSControl events, not key paths of values for things like NSButton, NSTextField, NSPathControl, etc, right?

The key paths wire up OK, but they don’t seem to ever respond.

It’s fantastic the way that Apple have wedged themselves so hard with Xcode that we need to download the entire IDE again for every OS beta that gets released. 😳

This has gotta be the same mentality as taking the App Store down for a product release, right?

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