I have a lot to learn about SwiftUI. It’s not helping that every documented example provided by Apple is about UIKit - the AppKit versions of the docs are currently non-existent 🥴

Has anyone had success with SwiftUI.NavigationView on macOS? I can’t get sections or my nav links to layout as I’d expect:

Cool cool - iCloud Drive’s process is now called… iCloudDrive! Sensible 😄

Look, who doesn’t run their machine at a 5.0 Ghz overclock on all 10 cores? It’s the new black.

A kick in the pants to the first jerk to ship this type alias in their project:

I’ve been working in Catalina beta 4 all of today, and it’s much improved over beta 3.

Having iCloud Drive work properly in this seed is making me confident 👍🏻

Got the 512Gb SSD in my new work MBP a couple of weeks before the price drop, and now I have severe regret. You can’t live in this little space if you need to run both stable and beta macOS releases 😫

I don’t much mind not having a new iOS beta, but no Xcode?! Nah, that’s causing me crocodile tears.

Has anyone written a Swift-based command line tool that reads standard input (such as piped text from a log) and processes it? I’m using FileHandle, but it’s all a bit hand-wavey without examples.

Mr 7 is on school holidays right now. To entertain himself yesterday morning he tried to make chai from scratch using the spices in our kitchen cupboard.

He had a lot of fun, but got the ratio of curry to things that are not curry quite wrong.

In chai.


Thinking about committing a crime: referring to an API using the word “umami”.

I expect I’ll be locked up for 13 consecutive lifetimes for this.

Is setting DEVELOPER_DIR still the preferred way to specify a non-default version of Xcode when building via the CLI?

I actively encourage family members to use Apple products and services, because at this stage they’re the only big tech company who recognise just how important privacy is. They don’t get everything right, but they’re actively trying to maintain the privacy of their users.

It’s frustrating, because the Silent Wings fans, and the PSU I have in my system are so reliable. I don’t hesitate to recommend those!

My second @bequietofficial@twitter.com Silent Loop has started making awful grinding noises now. I’m beginning to think this entire product line is defective.

I can temporarily stop the noise by disconnecting it from my CPU and shaking it, but it just starts again a week later 😞

Ahhahahaha the universe is fucking with us: Leah is utterly incapacitated by the worst flu I’ve seen in years, while I’m recovering from my hospital visit 😳

What the fairy garden loving peanut butter nut crunch is even happening right now?! 😖

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