I am a “bloody flipping stupid dad” according to my seven year old.

It's heartening to see business owners taking an ethical stance in how they make their money, and talking about it! You don't need to make money at all costs, and yes, taking "bad money" does mark you, your business and more importantly, your employees - louderthanten.com/coax/having-

Ugh, Gmail accounts cause  Mail.app to constantly pop to the front whenever there is an error. I keep meaning to catch this and try to report it. Geez it’s annoying! 🤬

I’m going to use the new Twitter for macOS app for the week, and give it a decent, honest chance - there are some seriously non-native UI choices in here, but there were in the “old” Mac app, too. Seems fast and fluid so far.

Can’t use emoji for some reason, though.

The @laravelphp@twitter.com folks deciding to reuse the name “Vapor” is making it harder to search for things relating to @codevapor@twitter.com.

I wonder why they decided to use that name? Seems like a bit of a meh call to be honest.

Catalina seems to be a great update, despite the permission dialogs. What’s not great is the drongos on Twitter claiming it’s akin to Mac OS X 10.0.

There are some utterly uninformed people quite happy to parade their assumptions as fact on the bird site.

I’ve been doing a lot of work with Swift Vapor (v3) these past couple of months, and I’m genuinely impressed. All of this is a lot further along than I was expecting.

Still missing loads of docs, but I’ve been able to work around most things reasonably easily.

So what’s the recommended method of moving from the Catalina beta to the release version? Just install over the top?

What is everybody bitching about and/or pissing on today? *dances gleefully amongst the Catalina and JavaScript hottakes, twirling and singing*

Hells bells, I just hit this bit of whatthefuckism while using Swift’s protocol extensions to provide default properties: stackoverflow.com/questions/31

Visual Studio Code is really getting into scrubbing for UI elements, isn’t it?

This isn’t great UX - you need to know to hover your mouse over the element to even know that the action exists.

My AppleTV has no beta profile on it, but just auto updated to tvOS 13.2b1 🤬

I’m yelling into the void about Facebook at this point. Nobody who works there would still be following me, given my views on their employer.

I kinda wish the macOS accent colour was derived dynamically from the current desktop picture. None of the existing colours ever quite fit.

Trying to implement Access/Refresh tokens using Vapor and failing spectacularly.

Mai web skillz! They is Baroquen!

UI designed for touch is a huge waste of space and energy on the desktop. What works on an iPad doesn’t work well on the Mac.

If you’re building a Catalyst app right now, please keep that in mind.

Honestly, this is such an inefficient UI. We’ve had three pane layouts for in system apps for a very long time. That would have been a much, much better use of the space available.

Also, what is with using content blocking modals for core information like this? 🤮

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