Hey all I'm just not gonna continue on this account.

I'll be on snouts. Here's my account. I'm not gonna approve everyone as I want to keep it intimate and a trusted space so please don't feel bad if I don't add you. That said, you don't lose anything by sending me a request:


Starting a sort of impromptu stream. No microphone, just us playing Smash Ultimate


Hello all, starting stream in about 10 minutes at

If you donate $10 or more to my paypal, you can pick what character I use!

Hey so I'm probably gonna migrate to my snouts account and nuke this one at some point. Please be sure to follow me there:


This week was much better than the week before, where I was really deep in depression. I'm feeling stronger, with more energy, and I'm also excited for my January travels. Super excited for FC!

Btw, I do plan to use my snouts more (if I keep my eye on the ball) so please send me a request there! snouts.online/@TonyaSong

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Also hey everyone, I keep doing the thing where I forget to participate in here.

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Also folks, since this is a space with trusted folks, I'm comfortable sharing my Telegram. It's the same @ as my username here tonyasong. I'm easier to reach there and am a very chatty person lol so if you want to chat feel free to message even if you haven't before.

What up Mastodon, sorry for letting you down again. I disappeared and forget to keep diligent of this space.

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