Ich glaube Impftourismus in Ländern, die es einfach besser auf die Kette bekommen als Deutschland, ist das nächste große Ding... 😐

Finally started up Shenmue 3, been waiting 20 years for the continuation of the story.

Starting up Unity again and develop some ideas - all thanks to Va 11 Hall A.

Been playing VA-11 HALL-A Cyberpunk Bartender Action on Nintendo Switch and loving it! Even ordered the soundtrack on vinyl. Such a fantastic game.

Started Resident Evil 6 on Xbox One X and I am liking it a lot more than back in the day on the 360. Especially the option to choose the character you actually want to play as is quite good.

The album was produced in its entirety on Linux btw. and I am glad I made the switch to the OS in my Studio. I have been working with Linux for quite some years as a programmer but my studio workstation has been a Mac.

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My band released a new album / EP last friday, here is a link to the major streaming/download sites, if you are interested: release.foxmask.band/

I made this slow retrosynth new age-y song I am very proud of, and I released it today for free! 🎶💖🎶

#music #retrosynth #synthwave

I think I'll be giving the latest song away for free. Will finish everything later today. Stay tuned! 💖 #music #musicproduction #producing #electronicmusic

My wife and I are playing our first Yakuza game - yeah, we are late to the party... We are liking it a lot! Karaoke ftw.

I am live on YouTube in a few minutes celebrating the release of my bands album, come join us if you are interested youtu.be/IErmKlRAros

Just a quick info: We are going to do a live stream listening party of our EP on YouTube on friday 18.12.2020.

Hey there, today's #BandcampFriday! If you like atmospheric retrosynth, perhaps you'd like to have a listen to my music: chrisroth.bandcamp.com
Thank you for your time! 👋

Free standard shipping on all Ubuntu Studio merchandise in the Marketplace! TODAY ONLY! ubuntustudio.spreadshirt.com

I've jokingly told our little one that the weekend ("Wochenende" in German) is brought by the week-duck ("Wochenente") much like Santa brings gifts or so. Even though they don't believe me at all and say it's ridiculous ("Quatsch"), we all have a good laugh.

I like the Wochenente. 🦆

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