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pol, mutual aid resource 

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political organizing & action pdf 

Politics, race 

Is the eco-friendly cleaning products brand “seventh generation” a reference to Native Americans? Because unless it’s owned and operated by them that’s kinda tacky

Doesn’t matter what I’m doing or what mood I’m in, if someone starts playing Ellen Page’s coming out speech I’m going to be sobbing 6 minutes in. This was true in 2014 when I thought I was straight and is still true over 5 years later

What if my brother is also trans and we’ve both been secretly stealing clothes from each other this whole time? 🤔

ACAB, Detroit Pride Parade 

sustainability, liberals, advice plz 

sustainability, liberals, advice plz 

educate, agitate, organise :anarchism: 

portland / acab 

This dude proposed to his bf in front of a tornado and I think it's a good meme format go nuts

Salem, Oregon 6/29 Trump rally psa 

nazis on fedi 

angry, trans, online arguments 

Movie plot: Black person is considered less competent at finding solution that dog in sports movie but white lady saves the day

Japanese students drag show update 

So the WiFi’s been down for nearly a day but everyone in my building assumed someone had contacted tech support... just did it myself, turns out they weren’t aware at all.

Hey, if you're in school and are having trouble paying for your textbooks, search them up on to find them for free.

I'm realizing that a lot of people at my college don't know this and are skipping meals to afford overpriced textbooks, so it may help someone on here too. #sharingiscaring

Gonna get a transplant soon 

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