Mh-, school, food 

Mh-, school, food 

@Breakfast huh fear of a color sounds so rough, sorry you had to go through that. And the clown thing probably wasn’t much better either, from my experience some kids like to make fun of others who don’t like them. Anyway... *chucks clown nose idea into a raging fire*

Clowns can be scary for some but clown noses make basically everyone happier when worn, clown noses 2020

@Red no such thing as too many scooby doo references in dnd

thinking about how important it is to radicalize the youth through tiktok

@nymph why are you creeping into my childhood with these photos, I feel attacked

puta means beautiful in spanish 😔 😔 😊 ❤️ 😍

Body image - 

current temperature levels are 48%

(48%) ■■■■□□□□□□

*turns chair around* it's my National Coming Out Day Talk 

@kawaiipunk huh, I’ve never heard of him before. Interesting thought, maybe!

@kawaiipunk I get that vibe too, I’d definitely see her stuff fitting in a decade or two ago. I’m in the US so I have my doubts I’ll ever see her, but does seem like she’d be so sweet w small audiences! Kind of reminds me of the Mal Blum as well, they were amazing live

@kawaiipunk known her about a year now... I like folk punk and I like queer shit, and she’s got both! Totally support buying her stuff

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