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Sign: "Please be considerate of others and clean up after your furry friend"

My first thought was, "furries are at this event?" I have been on the internet too long

post-college judgements, feeling bitter lol 

post-college judgements, feeling bitter lol 

My favorite pastime is watching old kid's movies about fictional royal families and half-jokingly asking aloud why the righteous heroes aren't overthrowing the monarchy

I might adopt a baby milk snake soon, any advice for caring for her?

Marilyn Manson turned 50 this year and idk how to feel about that

I just spent 20 minutes writing a long group email that I thought looked so organized and pretty, then found a major typo immediately after pressing "send"

Why, cruel world!

I feel like I'm one in a zillion people who started listening to Billie Eilish's "wish you were gay" thinking it was about crushing on a straight girl

I'm disappointed

Comrade gave me this really cute little red book about a week ago, can’t stop admiring it! Can’t wait for an opportunity to put it to use :blobaww:

:heart_pride: it’s giveaway time! :heart_pride:

i’m so grateful for all the support and love i’ve received from the community here, so i wanna give my thanks!

- u don’t have to be following me unless u want
- put ur pronouns in ur bio (i’ll be checking!)
- boost this toot
- that’s it! :blobcatblep:

winners will be drawn at random and announced june first
(pls keep in mind i’m not a furry artist however i will be more than happy to try to draw the winner’s fursona as long as u know it’s a toss up how it’ll turn out lol)

good luck i love u!!!

I want to share memes with my friends but 90% the ones I save on my phone are gay, trans or about abolishing capitalism and I'm not sure they're ready for that lol

Girl I just met: So I'm tutoring this class on romance movies and we're getting into cultural myths and ideas about love. Like love at first sight. That'd never happen to me, I'm not that sort of person...

*immediately imagines our future together and reminding her of this moment in 3 years when we're buying an apartment together*

After just watching Disney's animated Beauty and the Beast for the first time in ages I could make a whole video essay analyzing the Mob Song from the lenses of socialist and queer theory

But I'm also very lazy and that would be quite the shitpost

Here’s my hot take: we must breadpill the Sims community

body image (- but relatable, yes?) 

Q about Japan, LGBTQ, drag 

Q about Japan, LGBTQ, drag 

Q about Japan, LGBTQ, drag 

Q about Japan, LGBTQ, drag 

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