Tof! 2 dingen die ik leuk vind: podcasts en het . En nu is er de Fediverse podcast FediverseCast met afl.1 over muziek-deel-platform

Osada 1.0 - an ActivityPub and Zot6 social networking server; is now released.

My hero in this regard is @Gargron. He built a huge community and revitalized the fediverse at a crucial time and I don't think he gets the credit he deserves.

He is very open to feedback and despite some criticism, has moved the fediverse forward in the best interest of the users and not some VC funded company.

It is in the best interest of the fediverse that we work together.

With 13 days to go, PeerTube has reached 92% of it's funding goal of €20.000 for finishing up the work on version 1. Spread the word and get more people to chip in. Perhaps they can reach some of the stretch goals too!

#peertube #joinpeertube #crowdfunding #floss

based Link Aggregation app is coming really soon! 🤠

Microsoft couldn't give a rats ass for software freedom. They despise people like me. All their ventures into FOSS, including funding the Linux Foundation, are narrowly self-serving. They continue to extort FOSS developers with software patents.

Microsoft are about as ethical as a drone strike on a wedding party. I've been around in software for a long time, so have seen their manoevrings. They boasted about the extensiveness of their cooperation with the NSA and bugged Skype after they bought it (read the Snowden docs).

I just pushed out a fix for comment and like bugs. You might have to clear your cache if you still encounter no page reload after commenting or negative like counts.

When you are a youtuber and want to help #peertube to success, help it by making your peertube content more exclusive than your Youtube content.

How to do?

Post your videos 2 days earlier on Peertube before you publish them on YouTube.

This doesn't hurt you or your followers while giving them a good reason to switch and make YouTube less central :)

Interessant model: @resonatecoop is een coöperatie voor artiesten en bied een kruising tussen streamen (Spotify) en kopen (iTunes) en biedt eerlijke vergoedingen -

Just found, an ActivityPub federated blogging platform.

Pretty cool. is the demo instance.

Google Says Chrome Now Blocks "About Half of Unwanted Autoplays" [Except YouTube. Convenient. Sorry, I just can’t trust a browser from a company that makes money from my eyeballs.]

Hubzilla 3.4 released! Full of improvements and new features as usual 🙂 🍾

France confirms that Matrix (and Riot) is the basis for their upcoming secure communication app for official government use, and will be 100% FOSS! Exciting times :D

interesting question: Do Federated/Open Social Networks need their own algoritms?

"Open Letter to Secure Free and Open Source Software Ecosystem in the EU Copyright Review":

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