Ok, let's try an experiment. You can use this page to sign up for Toot!:

It will remain open as long as I dare, and hopefully I won't run completely out of beta tester slots!

And remember, not everything works yet! Report bugs at, but remember to check if they are already there!

Looks like Apple's servers are rate-limiting quite severely, so you may struggle to sign up. Retrying later may work.

There are still plenty of spaces left.

Closed it down for now since no more requests seemed to go through. Will open it again in maybe half an hour and see if it works better then.

All right, we have reached 500 testers! I'm going to close signups for now, so there are some left for later out of the 1000 available slots.

I'll post here when I re-open, so follow and stay tuned if you still want in.

I'm told the tester limit is now 10000 users rather than 1000. So signups are open again, since there is lots of space!

Just remember, this is still a beta! Not everything works. No content warnings, no federated timeline, no search, no autocompletion for user names, and so on.

@tootapp signed the heck up! Looking forward to seeing how this works.

@tootapp how do I view the federated timeline? Local is easy enough to figure out but I’m unclear about federated. Looks great so far!

@tootapp Yay! It doesn't jump to the top when refreshing the timeline. That's pretty much all I want (and haven't gotten until now) in a Mastodon client 😀

@tootapp wow, i just installed it and I really like the UI & concept. Will use it now and of course report bugs 😍✌️

@tootapp Something went wrong, please contact the application owner: Rate limit has been exceeded for: testflight|default|APPLE_CONNECT:16053263593

@tootapp keeping the reading position when pulling more toots is cool!

@tootapp Thanks for the update! I’m eager to try this out. :)

@tootapp ah, damn! Missed my chance by a bit. Maybe I shouldn’t have recommended boarding :P

@tootapp thanks for opening up again. Registration worked immediately. :-)

@tootapp Thanks. I just got in. This is a beautiful app.

@arjankoole I wouldn’t go that far. Felix was the best app ever made.

@Ronnie toot comes close though. You can just tell a lot of attention went in.

@tootapp works good on the old iPhone 6, I especially like the threaded conversation graphics.

@tootapp app working well for me so far. Do you have a way of reporting issues/ feature requests? Is it possible to store (even after app died ) reading position? I like to read every toot.

@bitomule See my profile for the link to the bug tracker. And timeline positions should always be stored.

@tootapp It looks like my instance isn't running a recent enough version of Mastodon to use my invite. If you want to revoke and let somebody else have my spot, that's fine!

@tootapp looks like your app is getting popular! Rate limit exceeded 😬

@tootapp I tried to sign up and got the following error:

Something went wrong, please contact the application owner: Rate limit has been exceeded for: testflight|default|APPLE_CONNECT:16053263593

@tootapp any chance of joining the beta? getting an error when trying to submit to that page :(

@tootapp Too bad 😼i can’t sign for the beta i think the tester slots are gone 😿

@tootapp I love those thread indicator ribbons. Reminds me of the commit histogram in git. ❤️

@tootapp Looks like a lot of “rate limit exceeded” when trying to sign up. Any other way to get in on the beta?

@tootapp are there still slots available? The registration says „Rate limit has been exceeded“ ☹️

@tootapp I would pay money for a quality app like this once it gets out of beta.

@davewoodx @tootapp don’t you mean toottes of room... I’ll see myself out.

@tootapp I don’t think I am going to be able to dedicate the time to beta testing the app that I thought I would, if you’d like to give my position to someone else. (Just let me know what I need to do to drop out). Many apologies.

@tootapp Still so so good, even if short a few features at the moment ❤️

@tootapp Yes its been 10,000 for so long time. Also for now Test Flight will need an email to send beta but starting from next month we can have anonymous invite. So generate a link and share it anywhere. whoever clicks that can get the invite. Also its possible to have different group of testers. Like I have closed beta, open beta and the rest.

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